Holy fucking wow, what did I just watch.

Ronnie Radke - Singer, Screamer, Jailbird....rapper?

Ronnie Radke – Singer, Screamer, Jailbird….rapper?

As this blog is called BULLSH!T I bring you probably the biggest load of BS that I will see this year. Early call I know, I know.

So let me rewind to 2006 – I was 16, I scowled a lot, and I dreamt about marrying Gerard Way. Sometimes I still do. Moving on Escape The Fate was a band I definitely listened to a fair bit. In fact my hairstyle was probably similar to that of Ronnie Radke and I’m sure we could have shared the same eyeliner pencil.

Long story short, Ronnie was jailed, Escape The Fate got a new singer, Ronnie formed a new band Falling In Reverse, got out of jail, released an album which you can read my review on here, and just when we all hoped he had fallen off the face of the earth, BAM HE’S BAAAAACK *insert Ronnie-like chuckle here.*

Listen to the new song by Falling In Reverse ‘Alone.’ Ronnie jumps dramatically out of the car at the start, we get a glimpse at his new hairstyle and some chicks butt, he has a little scream into the microphone with his blue suit get up and then…

well just watch it for yourself.

“So many motherfuckers wanna be like me.”
No Ronnie. No.




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