Guys spill: 5 reasons why males are attracted to crazy women.


Every few months it’ll happen that one of my male friends will come to me ranting about the end of their latest relationship. ‘She was just crazy!’ or ‘I knew she was a bit crazy, but I didn’t know it was this bad!’

imagesIt’s a term I hear thrown around a lot by the male population – I’ve never really understood the guys going for ‘crazy’ girls thing, but I see it happening a lot around me. I’m not talking kooky crazy like Jess from New Girl, I’m talking slightly scary crazy, like driving you to the top of a lookout and leaving you there and throwing away your keys.

Note: I’m not talking about anyone with an actual mental disorder. Let’s make that clear right now.

I’m going to share the situation (with full permission) of one friend… Earl Squirellson. This may or may not be his real name. Clue: It’s not.  Earl and I have been pretty tight for a few years now, and I’ve watched in mild amusement and he’s gone through his fair share of ‘crazy’s.’ He’ll complain to me after encountering various situations, such as waking up to find a girl watching him, being pounced on in the middle of the night etc, but yet still go back for more. I’ve also heard stories of iPods being drowned, people being stranded on mountains and passports being stolen…just to name a few.

Interested on this topic, I continued to widen my research* (ask more male friends) and came to a general list of why males seem to be attracted to females who have a rather strange, sometimes creepy and sometimes downright crazy way of showing their attraction. Here are the top 5:

1) The Crazy/Hot Scale: Turns out a lot of crazy girls are also generally hot. Hence why they’ve probably got away with displaying some very bizarre behaviour.

BKHidlICMAAduQ8I was going to do an experiment where I went super crazy on a guy (think ‘How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days’) and see if he kept coming back for me. Unfortunately I don’t measure up to the crazy/hot scale, so there goes that idea. But I guess I do get to keep my dignity as a bonus, so that’s something.

2) The sex is better: Word has it, the sex is generally pretty hot. In fact, of the males asked, a lot admitted to staying with the girls longer than necessary because of the fact the sex was so good. This surprised me because I thought men cared about feelings and stuff more than sex. Oh no, wait.

Apparently to be crazy good in the sack according to a couple males asked, it should include S & M, (just like Rihanna, chains and whips excite some people) public sex, always being ready to go, happy to be degraded every now and then (What?!) and up for new and exciting things.

I once asked a guy if we could role-play and he got really excited. ‘Bite me Edward!’ I began. Turns out that’s not the kind of crazy guys are after.*


3) The allure of being challenged and second-guessing things: Okay, well next time I find a male I’m interested in, I’ll drive him to an obscure place and leave him there and leave him second-guessing about whether I’m coming back or not. Too easy. Or I’ll challenge him to a duel or sword fight and yell out my favourite Harry Potter spells, but I guess that’s probably not what the person I asked meant…

That being said, any strong, independent female can challenge a male. Lets just leave the ‘leaving people stranded with no way of getting home’ out of it perhaps.

4) It’s a challenge to try and fix/tame them: Like Miley Cyrus some girls can’t be tamed, and this is apparently hot.  Nothing strokes the male ego like solving a challenge or fixing something, whether it be a broken door, a damsel in distress, a psychotic lunatic… I’m just going to put it out there and say there’s plenty of shit that needs to be fixed in my house from time to time. When my light blows, I can’t even reach the light bulb – does this turn you on yet? Because I’ll tell you what, my light’s definitely not being turned on.

5) She was normal to start with then she turned ‘crazy’: This probably makes the most sense as to why someone would continue to stay with a partner that basically ends up treating them like shit. When it comes to the ‘crazy’ girl, apparently she’s good at seeming sweet and normal and then once they’re nice and comfortable and maybe falling in love, the real crazy comes out to play. It might start with a simple ‘I’m going to read through your text messages’ and turn into a ‘I’m going to drive outside your house at night to make sure you haven’t lied about where you are.’ And the poor boy is so confused he makes excuses for the cray cray and continues to stay with her because you know, he does or did really like her and maybe she’ll change back.

Hint: she probably won’t.

Words by TAHLIA PRITCHARD. She’ll strive to annoy you on twitter here. For other inane ramblings click here. She’s definitely not crazy. Much. 

This article in no way is attacking or having a go at people who suffer mental illnesses. The article was purely in jest and not to make light of any situation of someone with a mental disorder or show any ‘girl hate’ or ‘woman-shaming.’ The term crazy can stand for many things – not just referring to someone with a mental illness.


18 thoughts on “Guys spill: 5 reasons why males are attracted to crazy women.

  1. you obviously aren’t a feminist are you? Some women do suffer from mental illnesses, shaming them in such a way is simply disgusting and childish. You should be proud of being a woman and not trying to drag every so called ‘crazy’ girl under the bus.

  2. hahahahaha! I can’t believe Earl Squirellson got a mention and I didn’t? What about certain retro night +1s? I’m convinced she’s still stalking me, but she was equally hot. Damn that hot/crazy scale!

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  9. I’m mentally ill. I actually thought this was funny and true for me! Speaking for myself.:) The men in my life keep coming back because the…..hugs were great! 😉 Also, when I do things I do them extreme putting those other “crazy” girls to shame, amateurs lol and putting any doubt in a mans head that I’m sweet or normal to begin with. I’m painfully aware I suffer from a mental illness but I understood in your disclosure about those who suffer from mental illness, they were not being included in this specific topic. I do have to say “crazy” is the new normal because it seems these days you can’t distinguished from the mentally ill from the “normal” when it comes to societies behavior toward others. I liked your story and in my opinion, you got it right! on. By the way, I’m too busy to reply back if your comments are negative because I have to stalk this fireman I’m hugging 😉 he leaves to the gym about this time lmao 🙂

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