The Gentry Man’s Guide To: Camouflage


The print which has recently swept across the world of mens fashion is an interesting one. Capturing the imagination of parka-clad Hypebeasts and classic sartorialists alike, camouflage print has definitely made its craterous impact. However, any dazzling meteor which creates a crater often loses a few pieces on the way which just… miss the mark. Similarly, as popular as camo is, some people just… “miss the mark”.

DO – Be selective

Too much light green or too few dark patches can throw the whole thing off. I know this sounds really weird but just trust me. You can’t alter the pattern, so if you’re not 100% on it don’t go for it purely for the sake that it’s camo.

DO NOT – Double up (or more)

Whether it’s a belt or a bag, one at a time is enough. It will make that single piece stand out more and you won’t look like you’re hunting deer in the middle of the city.

If the Supreme cap wasn't bad enough...

If the Supreme cap wasn’t bad enough…

DO – Go ham or go home/hard in the paint

Walk by a pair of camo pants, shoes or a shirt which for some reason you can’t stop looking at? Just get ’em. Why the hell not? Who knows how long camo is gonna be around for? Enjoy it while you still can.

At the very least, you’ll get compliments/neck snaps (yes, it’s a thing) from fashion students.

DO NOT – wear a piece of camo clothing that doesn’t fit

You could have a shirt with the most beautiful camo print in the Tumblr universe, but if it looks like a tent on you then kiss those notes goodbye.

Dr "Skrrt Skrrt" Seuss knows what's up homie

Dr “Skrrt Skrrt” Seuss knows what’s up homie.

DO – wear it with confidence

Set yourself apart from the rest by wearing your camo garments with affirmation. If you were selective in picking the right ones, then you should only have pieces you like so this shouldn’t be a problem.

DO NOT – look like you just took your pieces straight from the “what’s new” section at your local swag store.

Again, set yourself apart. At the very least, so you don’t feel as if you look like everybody else.

Woodland Camo Derby Lace-Up Shoes by Mark McNairy (

Woodland Camo Derby Lace-Up Shoes by Mark McNairy (


Yours sincerely,

The Gentry Man

The Gentry Man is a guest contributor, who will be making regular appearances at BS!, commenting on life and fashion for the modern man/lady. For more tips and tricks to looking less ‘swag’ and more appropriate/attractive, check out his musings here.


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