Turn It Up! The artists you just can’t resist turning the volume up for.



Recently I was working on a major deliverable for my university project and I had my headphones in listening to AC/DC’s ‘Heatseeker’; volume at 11 and no fucks given about my horrible attempts at air-guitaring.

Now, my old man is not one to enjoy loud noises, so naturally he came to investigate the strange, muffled noises coming from my room. He opened with his usual ‘Why are you destroying your ears etc. etc.’ I promptly pull out the headphones and turned to look at him. He looks at me, nods approvingly and leaves without another word.

Other than this being the most hilarious thing to happen to me for some time, it got me to wondering about those bands/artists that we just can’t resist turning up the volume for. Who are these musical maestros who can make us instantly stop whatever it is were doing and party down for the next 3-5 minutes?

So, without further ado, here are my bands that I  just can’t resist turning the volume up for.

Queen – Freddie. Fucking. Mercury. Enough said.


AC/DC – Whether you’re a Bon or Brian fan, everyone loves rocking out to these guys, and let’s face it, we’ve all done the one-handed air guitar like Angus in Thunderstruck.

Led Zeppelin – I really don’t think I need to justify why these guys are here. If you want a reason, go listen to Zeppelin IV.

Phil Collins/Genesis – This motherfucker is catchy as all hell. I’ll often find myself reaching for the volume when I hear him or Genesis come on the radio to enjoy the track as well as to convince myself I can sing just as good as he can.

Alexisonfire – Anyone who knows me well knew that these guys would be in here. I love these guys. Dallas’ smooth vocals contrasting the roughness of George and Wade are just amazing Everything about these guys is awesome and I’m still refusing to believe they’ve gone their separate ways.

Daft Punk – As someone who isn’t really into the house/techno scene (and by that, I mean that I only listen to it when I’m plastered), these guys are pretty fucking cool in my book. Every time I hear “Around the World”, “Da Funk” or “One More Time” it’s guaranteed that I’ll be in my room or car having a mini rave and attempting to perform some horrible version of the robot. There new album is pretty awesome as well, just quietly.

All Time Low – I am avid pop punk fan and these guys are up there as one of my favourties. Tunes like “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” “Dear Maria” and “I Feel Like Dancin’” are constants in my pre-party playlists.

Blink 182 – These guys were my childhood. Having them come out here this year was like a fucking dream come true. They may not be musically gifted but damn they’re fun.

Steel Panther – They may be the epitome of 80’s hair metal and dirty, degrading lyrics, but damn they are good and fun to rock out too. DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!

There are probably plenty of other bands that could be in this list. I’m interested to know who else you throw in here if you had the chance to think about it.

Sean is a final year Computer Science student at UOW. He is currently headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody instead of doing his uni work like he should. Can you blame him though? Catch his rumblings and other misgivings with the world on his Twitter account.


One thought on “Turn It Up! The artists you just can’t resist turning the volume up for.

  1. God I have so many bands like this; a few that you mentioned above and also My Chem,The Amity Affliction, Underoath, Red Hot Chili Peppers and lately Walk The Moon. I know there’s way more but I’m pretty brain dead at the moment!

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