The Day I Lost the Love of my Life.



Two weeks ago something dreadful happened. Giving up on studying at the library, I threw my books and my drink bottle into my bag, placed my laptop with them and headed off on my merry way. In my rush to leave the library’s quiet level (where all uni students go to die), I forgot to close my drink bottle properly. Fast forward to me getting home, to find my precious MacBook Pro not working.

If you’re already crying, I don’t blame you.

I took Max the Mac into the store and said a painful goodbye. Upon leaving the store, with a heavy heart, I thought some music might cheer me up. I went to switch on my iPod to find that Frankie the iPod was also dead. Frankie was also in the leaking bag. Duh.

In case you can’t tell I’m an Apple girl through and through. I switched over from a clunky toshiba at the start of 2012, and it’s true: Once you go Mac, there’s no going back.

Just to add to my heartache I was about to enter my last few weeks of university EVER. I had numerous assignments still to complete and no computer, not to mention I need my laptop for interning every week.

Here’s what two weeks without a Mac looks like:

1st Weekend of being Mac-less: 

Dear diary. I’m really struggling today without Max. Last night I couldn’t sleep and normally he’s always there to comfort me. I rolled over  and it hit me all over again that he was gone.

I went home for the weekend and tried to use to home computer to do some work. The mouse kept freezing on me and I wanted to throw it in frustration. Also how do I copy and paste on a PC again?

Week one (uni/interning):

Being back at Wollongong, with no working computer, TV or iPod was a technological adjustment. How was I meant to watch Media Watch on Monday? What do I do when I get home from uni and all my housemates are working on their own respective assignments and I have no one to play with? What if I had a blogging epiphany? First world technological problems, at their best.

At interning I could borrow a laptop but it posed some issues. Mainly the confusion of where the photos I downloaded were actually saving and HOW ON EARTH DO I SCREENSHOT?

The University library computers and I soon became pretty good friends, and I effectively used up more Internet data in a week than I probably ever had in my previous three years at uni.

I miss you Max.

I miss you Max.

Week Two: Where are you Max?

When I hadn’t heard about Max’s condition for a week, I worried like any good parent would. I called Mac1 and my friend who works there answered. ‘Your computers basically fucked,’ he informed me.

Oh crap.

Later on the tech guy tried to explain what had happened to me and I got lost amongst a lot of technical terms. ‘We could fix most of it under warranty, but unfortunately the display still isn’t working properly,’ he said.
My intelligent self queried; ‘Oh. So is that something, I like, need fixed?’

Obviously, moron.

It’s finals week for TV shows. I’m missing out. Not to mention I’m dangerously behind on 90210. Oh yeah and those assignment things. Need to start those.

The Final Days:

I got word that Max could be fixed. Hooray! I entered the final days with a new enthusiasm for life. Being Mac-less wasn’t totally all bad was it? I reacquainted myself with Harry Potter books, I won 10 games of FreeCell on my phone without using any hints (not to mention getting my new PB time) and I actually studied from an actual textbook.

With haste I left my Thursday afternoon tutorial to go pick up  my new, old baby. He looked better than ever with a shiny new screen. If computers could smile, I know he’d be smiling at me.
I took him home, plugged him in and…Hello music collection I have missed you. Hello social media sites from a screen that isn’t my phone. Hello to blogging about first world problems again. Hello Max.
Never ever leave me again.

Tahlia Pritchard is a last session Media and Communications student at UOW and the founder of BULLSH!T. She loves her MacBook a little bit too much. You can see more of her thoughts transferred from brain to computer here. 


4 thoughts on “The Day I Lost the Love of my Life.

  1. My old Macbook died a while ago and it was truly heart wrenching, so I feel your pain. While I still use a desktop Mac at work, I don’t get to cuddle it at night, so the relationship is lacking.

    But I’m glad you were reunited with your love. For me, I guess it’s better to have loved and lost…

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