5 trends I don’t totally understand:


1. The hipster beard:

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of males my age walking around sporting (or attempting to) a big, bushy but still somewhat groomed beard. It’s making it hard to figure out if it’s another hipster wannabe or an escaped member of the Amish community.

Ned Kelly, is that you?

Ned Kelly, is that you?

Now I’m not against a man with facial hair. But I just feel the now titled ‘hipster’ beard, with the ‘hipster’ accessories (think tight jeans, scarves, button up shirts etc) is a very contradicting and weird look.

2. Socks pulled up over boots:

The thing I like about winter and wearing longer boots is I can wear thick socks with the boots and no one can see. So I’ve missed the memo that you’re apparently meant to pull your socks up over your boots now to look trendy.

over the knee socks

I’m sure that’s been effective in keeping your legs warmer.

3. Wearing glasses (frames) when you don’t actually need glasses:

As someone who has to wear glasses most of the time, I don’t understand why anyone would willingly accessories glasses with their outfit if they don’t particularly need them. Gone are the days when glasses symbolised people being nerdy, but the people wearing frames or ‘fake’ glasses really confuse me. Are you trying to appear intellectual? Fashionable? But seriously, why?

Err Kenny the Koala, you don't even need glasses!

Err Kenny the Koala, you don’t even need glasses!

4. Joggers and Jeans:

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ANYONE UNDER 40, DO NOT DO THIS. When I lived on a college, as O-week leaders we had to take a bunch of really confused American guys under our wing, and explain that joggers and jeans were just not a good combo. Ever.


5. Galaxy tights:

I used to work in a clothing store, and that’s the first time I came across galaxy tights. In fact a customer even laughed at me as I opened the box, and pulled out the tights, my nose wrinkled with obvious distaste. Why anyone would want to walk around with their legs looking like an Avatar has attacked them with glitter bombs is beyond me.


I asked my twitter feed what other fashion trends they did not understand, and tweeps included the following:

– Jumpers with the shoulders cut out. Seems a bit redundant doesn’t it?
– Gladiator sandals
– High waisted anything (looks a bit like a nappy apparently…)
– Shorts cut really high, but that have the pockets hanging out. Unfinished job?
– The peplum look – on dresses, jumpers, anything…. STAHP.
– Jelly sandals – sorry I forgot we were 5 again.
– Flatforms

The list is an ever growing one, and of course peoples opinions will vary. What are some fashion trends that you just can’t stand?

Tahlia is a last session Media and Communications student, and judging by the amount of black in her wardrobe, isn’t going to be winning any fashion awards any time soon. 

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3 thoughts on “5 trends I don’t totally understand:

  1. I really hate the peplum trend, this girl I know owns about ten peplum tops. NO. STAHP.

    I really hate pretty much anything my sister wears. I’ve labelled it ‘hobo chic’ because she wears things that belong on a hobo but they’re clean and high quality. WHY. UGH. (It’s like a cross between hipster, boho and grunge wtf.)

  2. As a man who has had a bushy beard since the age of 19 I am now 32, I have to agree with you about the stupid hipsters. It seriously annoys me that I get thrown in with these idiots. I long for the days when i was being called a terrorist, and they shave it weird because God got the neckline wrong apparently? why does your beard finish on your face? what the hell is that about? oh I don’t want a neckbeard? what? I just don’t have enough time in the day to slap all of these people.

    Also what’s with the really tight pants that my 17 year old kid sister would have trouble getting into? do they not like themselves? or are they all sadists that enjoy crushing their junk?

    The only thing that needs to be that tight on a man is a Condom, which i hope these retards use God forbid that any of these idiots procreate.


    Lift some weights, nothing should be that skinny including women, what the hell happened to manly men? who spoke politely to ladies, worked hard everyday God sent them and looked like they could lift a car off of an injured person.

    Other things that p*ss me off men in Crocs what the hell? If you are a man the only footwear you should be wearing is runners for exercising and steel toe cap boots for working.

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