‘Show me your dick!’ – and other things I would NEVER yell out a car window.




Who said chivalry was dead? Whenever something like this gets yelled to me out a car window, I immediately go sprinting down the street, my shirt half off, desperately trying to make sure my prince charming doesn’t escape me.


You’d think in this day and age people would realise it’s not all that socially acceptable to yell out crude and lewd things to passer-by’s. When I’m driving around, I can safely say I’ve never felt the unstoppable urge to wind down my window and harass that guy standing at the traffic lights. Because that’s what it is: harassment.

I can never quite fathom why there are so many individuals out there that feel the need to voice their opinion to people who didn’t ask for it, and who really just don’t need to hear it.

You may know what I’m talking about. It could be the group of teenagers piled into a car, hooning around and hi-fiving themselves after every sexist remark they make, because they’re like, so hilarious. It could be the workmen across the street creepily staring and wolf-whistling, making you feel uncomfortable as you walk past. It could be the random car that beeps at you while you’re waiting to make your way across the road. I’m not trying to gender stereotype here, but it makes it really annoying about always having to be wary about your walk home or the route of your run, because in a shocking twist you’re not in the mood to be objectified everywhere you go by males who think they are hilarious.


I can’t remember the last time I went for a run without some car full of testosterone startling me with a blaring horn or a crude shout-out; normally a highly original line like ‘HEY SHOW US YA TITS!’
(Actually I’m struggling to remember the last time I went for a run in general, but moving on…)

Never in my life have I felt the urge to yell out to a random man on his everyday business, ‘HEY SEXY, SHOW ME YA DICK.’
A) It’s just not socially acceptable.
B) It’s harassment, and
C) I mean, I would be horrified if he did, but that’s just me.

Many times I’ve walked home with friends to have some car drive past and yell out something sexual and lewd. In some situations, when it’s just got all too much a friend has retaliated and told the guys to fuck off or something similar. In these instances, the guys stop yelling out sexually provocative things, and are quick to start throwing insults. ‘YOUSE ARE BITCHES. AND FAT SLUTS,’ are normally the height of their intellectual comebacks, before the heroes speed off into the night. Using the word slut or making a slur about someone’s body weight in a desperate bid to insult them and deem them as undesirable is pathetic; especially when two minutes earlier I have no doubt the guys would have loved it if any girl had taken them literally and indeed flashed them or reciprocated to their creepy comments.

While I don’t advocate walking home alone at night, there are some situations where it does happen. It really worries me how many males in cars will still yell out innuendos or crude comments to girls in this kind of situation. Walking home by yourself at night, whether it’s 200 metres away or 2 kilometres away is creepy enough in itself, without having a car full of males drive by and think it’s funny or okay to yell out to you. Regardless of whether they’re having a bit of ‘harmless’ fun or not, it shouldn’t take Einstein to realise the individual is already in a vulnerable position and shouting out lewd things to a girl on her own is just not okay. 

It’s a form of harassment and it actually baffles me how many guys still do it. Is it a testosterone thing? ‘Hey guys, let’s play a game tonight of who can make the creepiest comment to a couple girls walking home!’ Sounds like an absolute blast. Please be my boyfriend. No seriously, please.

It’s not even just males who do it. One time I was on a night-time walk with a friend, and a car full of girls drove past, yelled out ‘SLUUUUTS’ and proceeded to squirt us with a substance we later figured out was vodka. Apart from being a ‘what the fuck is wrong with humanity’ moment, why on earth would you waste such precious vodka?

Article by Tahlia Pritchard, who when driving, is too busy embarrassingly dancing and air drumming at traffic lights to even think of yelling out a car window. 

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