5 Minutes With: Jenny Broke The Window


The other day we introduced you to summery and catchy sounds of Jenny Broke The Window.  Today, we find out a little more about the band, including which member took a course to become a party magician. Inspiration for latest single ‘Abracadabra’ perhaps?


BS: Can you explain how Jenny Broke The Window got together? Also the inspiration behind the band name?

Jenny Broke The Window:
We have all known each other for a pretty long time, some of us grew up together in the same neighbourhood while others went to school together. ‘Jenny’ was a girl that lived next door to Matt and Sam growing up, an incident which occurred inspired the name and now it has stuck.

BS: If you could sum up JBTW music in 3 words, what would they be?

Energetic, nostalgic, pop

BS: Can you introduce the band members of JBTW with one random/fun fact about each?

Sam Lathlean (Guitar/Vox)- can blow bubbles off his tongue

Joel van Gastel (Drums)- Did an 8 week course to become a party magician

Matt McCaffery (Bass)– can play 5 instruments

Matt Lathlean (Keys)- has stayed awake for three days straight once

Todd Simpson (Percussion)- once drank 14 beers in one hour

BS: Your first video Ravel is out now. Can you take us through the concept of the video? How did you get Samara Weaving on board?

The concept of the ‘RAVEL’ video was aimed at achieving a ‘summer, Australia feel’. We wanted to be taken back to the past summers we have had years earlier, specifically the early 90’s; visiting corner shops barefoot wearing swimmers, losing track of the time because it wasn’t important.
The director of the video got in contact with Samara Weaving’s agency, and they informed us that Samara would be happy to be a part of the video, which was really exciting news for us.

 BS: And finally, what’s in store for JBTW for the rest of 2013? 

We have a lot planned for the rest of 2013. In early August we will be going back into the studio to finish our EP with Producer Tony Buchen, which is due for release just before summer this year. We will also be doing some shows in Melbourne in the coming months.

Click on the following links to have a cheeky stalk of Jenny Broke The Window. Keep it innocent. 
Triple J Unearthed 
Interview conducted by Tahlia Pritchard, June 2013.  

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