Dear Miley: WTF


I have long been a fan of Miley Cyrus. I watched Hannah Montana religiously and have bought both of her albums. (My favourite song is Two More Lonely People for those who are curious.) I’ve watched Miley grow up and I’m stuck between wanting to like her and sitting back and watching in horror as her antics continue.

As a fan, I’m glad that she’s grown past the Disney princess stage and is more mature now but her current direction seems to be going towards the Lindsay Lohan and, more recently, Amanda Bynes phase.

Anyways, what I’m here to talk about is her new music video: ‘We Can’t Stop’. Take a look:

I like the song… but the video is really weird. The funniest part though? Miley getting stomped on:

Quality entertainment right there, folks.

Anyways, the video is really effing weird. I’m guessing this is what Miley wanted because everything else she’s done recently has garnered a lot of media attention. So why not add in a fuckload of bread, twerking and writhing around on a bed?

See, there are a few problems with the above equation:

  1. She looks like she’s got cramps the entire time she’s on that bed
  2. Her booty is too small to twerk. Miley, I appreciate that you’ve worked out enough to have a body that toned but this means that your butt isn’t gonna pull off twerking
  3. There are better uses for bread than to scatter it all over the ground and have a girl practically swim in it

I’m left kind of speechless at this video, to be honest. I have to say I love her make up and I do like the giant dancing bears! Other than that, whoever thought up the concept of this video must’ve been high the entire time.

One more time, guys.

Alice is a first year Media & Comm. student at UOW and spends her time falling in love with fictional boys and wishing that she lived in any other world but this one. Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.


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