5 Minutes With: Spoonty


Last week, Bullsh!t caught up with Sydney electronic wunderkind Spoonty to talk about his new and recently launched EP, Up here, in the future.

BS: What’s your background in music?

Spoonty: I played various instruments since I was really young but nothing ended up sticking. I couldn’t tell you what exactly got me into producing music but it was in 2009 when I came across a copy of FL Studio which I started fiddling around with. It was so much fun that I never really stopped mucking around with music programs. Now I use Ableton Live and have a bunch of midi controllers and samplers and all sorts of things.

BS: Tell me about the process of recording Up here, in the future.

Spoonty: I’ve been thinking a lot about the magic and the future lately so ideas about that have really influenced the sound I think which lead me to the title of the EP. The process was basically me working on stuff when I could, after uni, days off and weekends. I never really know how to explain to people how a piece of music is made. It just happens somehow.

BS: Where does the writing process start?

Spoonty: That depends but mostly I find my samples first and chop them up then fit drums to that. A few times in had ideas for a specific way I wanted to use drums and have done that first and then experimented with other things from there.

BS: With lyric-driven music, it’s easy for the listener to determine a song’s inspiration. Where do you find inspiration and how do you communicate it through electronic rhythms?

Spoonty: I find my inspiration everywhere, my older stuff came from things around me, but this new EP is definitely from my imagination. I don’t know how I communicate what I’m trying to communicate, I just try to make it sound like the thing I’m trying to communicate. Does that make sense? I don’t know *laughs*.

BS: Have you ever found that what works recorded doesn’t translate well live? What do you do to keep both experiences unique?

Spoonty: Definitely and it’s something I’m still trying to figure out. This new EP was made with a live show in mind. I’ve spent hours and hours online watching Bolier Room videos of artists performing and going to live shows looking and listening to what they are doing and asking myself, “Why is this good and why am I having fun and how do I do the same?” I’ll get back to you when I’ve mastered it and have an amazing live set.

Spoonty’s new EP, ‘Up here, in the future’ is available now on Bandcamp. You can also head to the official EP launch at Melbourne’s Laundry Bar on July 4. For more Spoonty, check him out on Facebook, Soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed.

Interview by Vincent Varney


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