Killing Time: Things To Do Over The Semester Break



So exams are  done, the results are out and for many of us it will involves fist pumps, hi-fives and a week-long party bender that will leave your bank account and liver hating you for at least the following three days. Then comes the awkward month and a bit where you just struggle to occupy your boredom, less you become alcoholic,  blind (wink wink, nudge nudge), or you, God forbid, actually start next semester’s work early. If this sounds like you then worry no longer, I have come up with a nice little list of things to do that while away the time until the next horrifying semester of university work, or until your friends get back from their overseas adventures.

Gaming Marathons – Nothing wastes time like a 6+ hour session in front of your trusty gaming machine of choice, playing whatever tickles your interactive fancy. You may just want to catch up on new releases that you have been avoiding, knowing that buying said releases would have been the ultimate cause of your failing the previous semester. You could go with a themed marathon, such as only playing classic 90’s games, games from one franchise/studio or sticking to just one console. Or why not grab some friends for some multiplayer mayhem? Nothing quite beats the good old gaming marathon and it’s a sure fire way to kill time and lose sleep this holiday.

Fun Fact: It’s usually free!! Minus pizza and alcohol costs…

TV/Movie Marathon Here is another excellent time waster, and lets face it, who doesn’t enjoy sitting in front their heater or in bed with a huge stack of DVD’s to get through. Similar to the gaming marathon, you can just catch up on those movies or shows you’ve yet to see, or have a franchise marathon. I do know that I haven’t done my yearly Star Wars re-watch…

Reading Are you a fan of reading words and such? Then why not grab a few books and lose yourself in the many worlds that await you, or better yet, re-familiarise yourself with a few of you old favourites. Pro tip: if you want to find out what happens after the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, you could always read the books to find out what happens next.

Road Trip/Trip Away Got some cash left to spare after the post-exam celebrations? Why not grab some friends, pile into someone’s car and head off into the great unknown? If you don’t own a car, then why not go off with some friends for a week or weekend away to a caravan park or interstate. I hear snow resorts, while expensive, are quite popular at this time of year.

Visit Family/Friends If you’re one of those students who moved here to study, take this opportunity go back home and visit your family and friends, who I’m sure have missed you during the past 13 weeks. It doesn’t have to be for long though, as for most of you just one weekend with your family is enough to drive you up the wall and provide a strong reminder as to why you moved away in the first place.

Ice Skating – This is something that I was only recently introduced to, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun.  Same concept as the road trip; grab some friends, pile into the car and head off to your closest rink. If there is no ice skating nearby, roller skating can be just as fun. Nothing screams good times like going as fast as you can around a concrete or frozen ellipse with 90’s music playing in the background.

Trampolining – In the kingdom of Western Sydney, in the city of Penrith, there is a magical land that is made entirely of trampolines, where one can spend time with their friends bouncing off the floor and walls. Yes, such a place does exist and if the very idea doesn’t excite you then you clearly have no sense of fun and deserve to be unhappy.

So after reading this incredible list, hopefully you have found one or two little gems that will tide you over for the next month or so. But this is by no means complete. If you have any ideas you might want to share, then leave a comment below!

Sean is a final year Computer Science student at UOW and is totally not using this post as a way to scab ideas of readers, no way. He also wanted to put wakeboarding on the list, but realized that nobody likes falling into the water and resurfacing as an ice cube. He has this awesome Twitter page, you should totally follow it, for science and stuff…


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