The thrill of the chase…and when to stop.



When it comes to a new romance, a bit of a chase is fun right? They don’t call it the thrill of the chase for nothing. Generally a chase can make things more exciting, heighten emotions and passion and make you confirm what you’re going after is indeed what you want.

But there comes a point in some romances or relationships, where sadly the chase doesn’t end with you catching your prey. I mean, target. I mean… Object Of Your Affections. So if the chase has gone from being a thrill to being a kill-joy, here’s some handy hints on when to stop chasing. And start moving on.

1) When the person isn’t replying to your text messages.

When our children have children, we’ll tell them ancient tales of how texting used to be a way to gauge how interested someone was in you. ‘Texting?” they’ll ask with wide eyes, in their robotic monotone voices. (It’s my belief our grandchildren will be robots, and they’ll have an inbuilt sensor that lets them know if someone’s attracted to them or not, so they don’t need this kind of bullshit advice).

Moving on, if you’ve gone from texting everyday, to perhaps once a week or less, there’s a chance interest has waned on one side, regardless of whether you played the ‘they took an hour to write back to  me I’LL TAKE THREE TO WRITE BACK TO THEM, SQUIRM MOTHERFUCKER SQUIRM’ game. If your love interest hasn’t texted you in weeks wanting to hang out or to even ask how you are, chances are…..well I’m sorry, chances are they don’t care.


2) When you see them out, and they spend a whole 5 minutes in total with you.

So you haven’t seen your love interest in a while, and BAM there you find yourselves, in the same dark, smoky club. You do the polite hug or kiss on the cheek hello, and have a chat. The chat, even when fuelled by alcohol, feels somewhat forced and awkward and eventually one of you makes an excuse to leave. ‘I’ll be right back!’ the love interest will probably say. So you bop around, pretending not to look or care, but fast forward three hours and you’re drowning your sorrows at the bar, sobbing to the bartender about how no one is ever going to love you and you may as well buy 25 cats now.


3) When they’re hanging out with other girls/guys

For assumptions sake, I’m going to assume you’ve Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr – stalked the fuck out of your love interest. And if you say you haven’t, I’m also going to assume you’re probably lying. So if they’re being tagged in photos or posts with another member of the opposite sex that isn’t you, you may be able to get a general idea of whether you’ve been replaced or not. It must be noted, I’m talking very obvious situations here.  Think, another girl has tagged your love interest at Max Brenner, with a love heart next to his name. And that very same girl happens to be his ‘best friend’ on snap chat. Putting two and two together and ending up with the green eyed monster isn’t fun, but it may be a hint it’s time to move on.


4) When all of the above is happening, and you make excuses to drive past their house because it’s ‘on the way to the supermarket’ but it’s actually really not. 

It’s time to stop chasing. Seriously, stop. You’re starting to go a little....wacky. 

Article by Tahlia Pritchard, who wishes chasing still referred to the simple game of ‘chasies’ that we used to play as kids. You can find information on how to lead a dismal love life on her twitter here. 



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