Christian Democrats Strive For Equality (of a Different Kind)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll undoubtedly be saying it again as Australia prepares to head to the polls early next month. In the increasingly muddied waters of Australian Politics, Fred Nile and his Christian Democratic Party manage to stand out from the pack, to plumb new depths, and to just be that little (or lot) more ridiculous, completely beyond comprehension.

Take a moment to look at it. Let the message of it sink in. I assure you, it’s not a joke. It’s not a parody and it’s not a piece of satire. It is a legitimate piece of campaign material, appearing on the official Facebook page of the CDP last week.

It’s legitimately difficult to figure out where to even begin with this ‘platform’. It is homophobia in its most basic form, painting an ‘Us Versus Them’ scenario and using finances as a means of proving a point. It seeks to portray same-sex couples as greedy, for…daring to be more educated? For working towards financial successes?

It positions them as being detrimental to a segment of society which they’re not even legally allowed to be a part of, it notes the nuclear family as sufferers of oppression and…I’m sorry. I can’t. This is too much. When I picture oppression, I do not picture Mr and Mrs Picket Fence with 2.5 kids. Not by a long shot.

The CDP has always prided itself on its severe anti-gay stance, with Nile a vocal spokesperson against any form of recognition of homosexuality as anything more than a silly and irresponsible life choice, but this latest one is a genuine head-scratcher. A recent report by the ABS noted same-sex couples as being more-educated, with more money, and as having more kids than ever before. It is statistical fact, and it appears to be sending Nile and his Christian Democrats into an absolute tailspin.

This campaign for #incomeequality is a truly puzzling shot to fire, and it’s one that reeks of nothing more than desperation. It would be easy to ignore it, to pass it off as rubbish politics, but there are times when the compulsion to speak out emerges. And this is one of those times.

This article is filed under ‘Opinion’ for a reason. I’ve been quite vocal about just how irresponsible Nile’s public comments are, should they fall on the ears of LGBTI youth who haven’t quite weathered the storms of emerging sexuality yet. Not only is this latest CDP campaign denying the legitimacy of success for anyone who happens to be attracted to someone of the same gender, but it also flies into the face of the entire ‘It Gets Better’ notion.

If Nile was to have his way, it doesn’t get better. In his utopia, if you happen to be same-sex attracted, that’s it. There’s absolutely no quality of life. It’s the crux of every single statement he makes on the issue, it’s evident in the disproportionate number of press releases his party has issued on matters relating to homosexuality, and as the election draws closer, it’s only going to get worse.

I believe in freedom of speech as much as the next person, but come on Nile. Just give it a rest.

Article by HARRISON CARTWRIGHT, who definitely won’t be voting in the CDP on September 7, incase you couldn’t tell. Follow him on Twitter here. He promises to keep political discussion to a minimum.


3 thoughts on “Christian Democrats Strive For Equality (of a Different Kind)

  1. Great article. The campaign is rather perplexing because the CDP’s argument fails to recognise some obvious facts, such as the fact that no one gets paid more purely because they’re homosexual.

    The data stated that same-sex couples are likely to be well-educated, which would account for the high income. That means there is a causal link between education and income (which is widely known, anyway) but only a correlative link between income and sexuality. Essentially, the CDP has proved in its own advertising that there is no direct connection between income and sexuality.

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