An Open Letter To: The Politicians Of Australia



Dear Politicians of Australia,

On September 7 of this year, Australians everywhere will be casting their votes for our federal parliament that will represent us, the people, for the next three years. It is a time where we are bombarded by your pitches and pledges that will entice us to mark your name as number 1 on our ballot forms; and a time where we truly ponder, as a people, what direction we would like the nation to take over the course of those three years.

Except this time around, it is not the case. Let me make this very, very clear. Your ‘behaviour’ (for lack of a stronger word) over the last three years has been disgraceful, and your ineptitude to act like proper human beings has left me with the opinion that the Australian Federal Parliament consists of nothing more than overgrown, spoilt school children. As a young voter, this is quite a sad thing to be thinking about our representatives, and I’d be willing to take bets that I am not the only one who thinks this.

I understand that the major parties disagree on a majority of issues, and that to “attack” the opposing side is part of the political circus. I have no problem with healthy debate and discussion about important policy issues, in fact I encourage it. The problem is when you decide that any and all respect for your fellow colleagues goes out the window, destroying what could have been an intelligent conversation and turning it into a schoolyard fight between primary school children.

The worst example of this kind of behavior is during airings of the ABC’s Q&A on a Monday evening. When this show was first advertised I was intrigued by the prospect of intelligent panelists discussing a wide variety of topics. I now refuse to watch it because it is just another excuse you brats have to have another round of “he said, she said”. Then there’s Question Time itself, which over the past six years has just deteriorated into a shitfight of insults and stupidity.  To me, this is what Question Time sounds like when I catch it in either the House of Reps or the Senate.

“Mr. Speaker, my question is to the Prime Minister. Would the Prime Minister please explain the benefit of this policy to the nation?”

“Thank You Mr. Speaker and I thank the Opposition Leader for his question. In regards to the policy, the Opposition Leader should go fuck himself, ‘cause he is a stupid, stupid face.”

“Here, Here”

“I thank the Prime Minister for his answer, and would reply by saying that he/she is ugly and has the cooties”.

“Here, Here”

It’s sad and embarrassing that this is how I see our elected representatives acting in our most public forum. How hard is it really for you people to treat each other with a little bit of respect?

Then there is the abysmal behavior you display internally. Yes, I am talking about when you Liberals decided to put up that menu describing Julia Gillard as some sort of fat red bird item; I expect that from derelict low lives with sexism issues, not the upper echelon of the Liberal Party. Oh, hang on a sec…

Then there is Labor. You people have made an absolute farce of our democratic system by letting ego-maniacs and gutless wonders run your party for your six years of government, and you think by going back to the original you might win? Yeah, good luck with that.

Don’t forget The Greens, who basically held the country to ransom with the Independents, with (dis)honourable mentions going to Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper for their fantastic abuse of the unions and taxpayers respectively.

Once again, let me express how disappointed I am in you people. As a young voter with many elections left in front of him, I should see this time as one of thought and reflection of where our nation will go, not one where every political advertisement is met with looks and groans of disdain, and the odd outburst of “Who fucking cares?”. While I know that some politicians are trying to do good for their constituents, it’s these other ones who ruin it for the rest of you. If this is how I feel about our system now, God help me when I’m a senile old man.

Pick up your game, otherwise you’re fired. Did you forget we can do that?



Sean is a final semester Computer Science student at UOW and dreams of one day conquering the world. He just has to stop dreaming and get out of bed first. His Twitter page is full of rants and other cool things, go check it out!


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