Fun BULLSH!T Updates


Hello faithful readers,

It’s been an epic journey so far for the BS crew. What came as a random idea on a long commute home has turned into a delightful little blog that we hope you’re having as much fun reading, as we have had creating it!

Things are only going to keep getting bigger and better here, so here are a few things on the BS agenda that are noteworthy:

1) We’ve entered the Pedestrian TV blogster awards! If you have a spare few minutes, it would mean the world to us if you could nominate us to get through to the finalists round. Just include our URL and the email address (, and we’ll send you many cyber-kisses.

2) On the topic of that email address: If you’re a band/artist/author/general do-gooder, we want to hear from you for our 5 minutes with segment. At the moment we’ve focused on promoting bands and artists, but if you’re someone doing something exceptionally talented and wonderful, we’d love to use you for this segment. Contact us on 

3) Contributors! We love them, and we’re on the hunt for some new and exciting voices. If you’re someone with a passion for writing, and aren’t afraid to express an opinion then drop us a line. “Do I get paid?!” You ask. Haha. That’s a good one.

4) Tumblr. Oh yes. We have one. Head to Drop us an ask if you’ve got something on your mind or just like to talk. Who knows, you may be featured on the next ‘ASK BULLSH!T‘ post. We give good advice here. I promise.

That’s all from us for now,

Love the BS team. 


What are your thoughts?

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