5 Minutes With: Molly Contogeorge


Growing up in the same household as two music teachers meant Molly Contogeorge was always destined for great musical things. Since 2008, things have been on the up and up for the talented Sydney-sider, who has wowed crowds locally and internationally with her unique voice and catchy tunes. With the recent release of her third EP ‘Dames’ (which you can preview right here), there’s no stopping this homegrown talent. BS had the pleasure of chatting to the delightful Molly Contogeorge about her career highlights and what’s planned for the rest of 2013.


BS: It seems like you’ve been very busy since 2008! What have been some of your career highlights to date?  

I’ve been very lucky and have had some wonderful experiences over the last couple of years. I’ve performed alongside cowboys moonlighting as poets in Austin, Texas at SXSW; played at the famous Living Room Lounge in New York on a keyboard I “borrowed” from Ed Sullivan; diced with death in a dodgy old soviet aircraft flying from one end of Cuba to the other before hopping on stage to perform in front of a stadium packed full of people at The Romerias de Mayo World Festival of the Arts; schlepped through regional NSW, ACT and VIC in my old Toyota Camry singing songs for people with names like Baz and Shirl; had awkward post-production conversations with Daniel Johns about cats and have even won the odd award or two. Yes, I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.

BS: How would you describe your sound in three words?  

Let’s go with jazzy, retro, beat-driven pop. Oops, that’s well over the three word limit.

BS: If you could duet with any artist, living or dead, who would you pick?  

I’ve had a big fat crush on UK Jazz artist Jamie Cullum since I was about fourteen. I first heard his debut album Twentysomething right at the peak of my angst fuelled; lusty teenage-hood and that album had a profound effect on my psyche. It wasn’t just the quality of the writing that blew my mind; it was the fact that Cullum hadn’t compromised on his musical validity at all and yet still managed to carve out a viable place for himself in both the mainstream of Pop and the often stuffy, exclusive world of Jazz. Along with the considerable influence of my parents, I definitely credit Jamie Cullum with inspiring me to pursue a career in music. I’d date him for sure. I mean duet him.

BS: Do you have an ultimate musical goal or something you’d like to achieve in your career?  

To quote John Lennon, I’m going to the toppermost of the poppermost.

BS: What can we expect from Molly Contogeorge for the rest of the year? 

Some very exciting things indeed! I’m currently in the midst of planning a 10 – 12 date tour of the East Coast (incl. the odd band show thrown in) as well as a video clip for the first single off my new EP Dames.
You can like Molly on Facebook here
Keep up with her latest and greatest updates on twitter here
And download some delightful tunes for your ears, from her Triple J unearthed page! 
Stay tuned for a review of the Dames EP, coming to BS soon. 

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