Dear Taylor: It’s time to move on.


Taylor Swift is not a ‘classy’ role model.

I’m just going to throw it out there. After Miley’s super trashy performance at the VMA’s a lot of people went nuts on various social media networks about how bad of a role model Miley is for young girls. Hardly ground breaking news there, but what surprised me was the follow up comments: ‘Luckily there’s still classy young women like Taylor Swift that provide a positive influence.’

I had a little laugh to myself at these jokes, then realised these people were ACTUALLY serious. Okay sure, T-Swizzle is hardly getting near naked on stage like some of her counterparts, but nothing about her behaviour screams ‘role model’ material to me, unless you want young girls to grow up into bitter, snarky young women.

Taylor Swift: The master of handling things the mature way.

Let’s take a look at Taylor’s performance at the VMA’s for example. While Miley’s very obvious publicity move was to get basically naked and gyrate on stage, being overly provocative, Taylor was just as attention seeking but in an entirely different way. It’s no secret the stars at these shows know that cameras are on them at all times. They are constantly being filmed for their reactions, and they choose to play with this as they will. Taylor chose to gain more attention and publicity by doing things that are also hardly shocking to us – taking another chance to diss her ex’s.

Well Taylor, I’m just going to throw it out there and suggest it’s time to GROW UP AND MOVE ON. I remember the days of feeling sorry for Taylor when Kanye rudely interrupted her acceptance speech. I remember her shocked expression and sad eyes at her glorious moment being ruined. ‘Poor Taylor,’ I thought at the time. Fast forward a few years, and these days she’s just as attention grabbing as Yeezus was in that moment.

When One Direction took to the stage to announce an award, the camera showed Taylor mouthing the words ‘shut the fuck up,’ after ex boyfriend Harry Styles talked (almost as mature as the moment she imitated a British accent in a live performance, once again dissing the boy band member).
Later on in the VMA’s, T-Swift won an award of her own for her smash hit ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’

“I’d like to thank the person that inspired this song, you know who you are!” She yelled gleefully into the microphone. Cue camera flashing to Hazza who was politely clapping and staring at the ceiling. If anyone had the right to say ‘shut the fuck up’ in this moment, it was probably him. Though to be honest, I’m still confused who that song is even about, with people also claiming it could be about John Mayer.

Selena thinks Taylor should probably take her own advice.

I don’t give two fucks about how many men Taylor has dated, as compared to some people who are quick to label her a slut. I don’t consider her a slut in the slightest. I simply consider her immature.

Break-up songs I understand. We all know JT’s popular ‘Cry Me A River’ was about Britney Spears cheating on him, just like her song ‘Everytime’ was an apology to Justin. Artists draw on inspiration from their real lives, to create something that people can relate too. My main problem is the way Taylor exploits people. She’s become famous for writing songs about her ex’s, but the way she acts at awards shows is so attention grabby it’s becoming embarrassing to watch. I would probably prefer to watch Lady GaGa get basically naked on stage again, before I’d want to watch Taylor’s painful attention seeking ways. In my books, she was just as attention seeking as Miley, but in a completely different way. While Miley was grinding up on stage trying to shed her good girl image and show how drugged up grown up she was, watching Taylor was like watching a 15-year-old school girl, flipping her hair and simpering for attention one minute, then getting randomly snarky and hormonal the next.

While being half naked on stage is (sadly) basically normal these days, there’s still a bunch of female celebrities that young girls CAN look up too. Miley’s hardly one, but in my opinion, neither is Taylor. The dissing the ex thing may have been funny as a once off, but now it’s just getting sad and pathetic, and it has totally derived from the fact that Taylor is actually a talented musician.


After dissing an ex once again in public, I’ve taken the liberty to help Taylor start writing her new song. Obviously she’s having some difficulties moving on from the Harry bandwagon, so here’s a start up for you T-Swift. Without further ado, I bring you the latest break up tune, centred on T-Swifts life, titled ‘What Makes You Horrible.”

“I’m insecure
We know for sure
Once I get you
Imma sink in my cla-aw-wws

Don’t need make-up
For this break-up
Gonna write a hate song
Demanding you to shut the fuck u-u-up. 

Everyone else at the awards can see it…
Everyone else but you

Harry you broke my heart right into two
The way you dumped me
Made me feel so blueeee
And when I see you at the VMA’s
I can’t mask my face
You don’t know oh oh
You don’t know you’re horrible

If only you saw what I can see
You’d understand how I’m so cra-a-zy
right now I’m staring at you and I can’t believe
You won’t oh oh oh,
you won’t even look at me
Oh oh oh
Won’t even look at me.” 

What’s your opinion on Taylor Swift? Do you find her antics funny or immature?

Article by Tahlia Pritchard, who hopes Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus never ever collaborate.
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2 thoughts on “Dear Taylor: It’s time to move on.

  1. I always got the impression that her not-so-subtle public humiliation of her exes was some sort of revenge for the pain or humiliation that has been inflicted on her in private. That can obviously only be speculation (but she is definitely nicer to some of her exes), and if that’s the case I say good on her!

    She is one of the richest and most successful under 30 year olds in the world, is talented in multiple musical instruments, and writes most of her music. She is clearly very hard-working and does a shit load of philanthropy, which is role-model enough in my books.

    Her snarky/bitchy/attention-seeking side is why her fans love her and why others hate her. For someone of her fame and achievements to have snarky, bitter moments over a breakup is why a lot of her fans connect to her and to her songs.

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