ALBUM REVIEW: Timothy James Bowen


941709_448956665197915_1514715496_nA little while ago we introduced you to a chap known as Timothy James Bowen . In case you missed it, Timothy is an Australian musician who’s just recently release his first EP. It’s not often I listen to a CD/EP and fall in love with it straight away, but this is exactly what Bowen has managed to do with this release.

Opening on ‘Beggar’ we’re introduced to Timothy’s bluesy sound. Two things stand out immediately – 1) Timothy has an amazing voice and 2) can write a very catchy tune. ‘Beggar’ is the toe-tapping, hand clapping jam that is the perfect way to open an EP.

Everything from the tracks to the production is perfectly and professionally polished within this EP. ‘Lady Fortune’ has a great build up to an explosive chorus, that really showcases Bowen’s voice. ‘Let Me Be Your Fire’ slows down the pace a bit, with Bowen’s talent being solely showcased in an acoustic setting.

There’s hints of Jeff Buckley and Matt Corby in Bowen’s vocals and some of his songs, but ultimately Bowen proves within this EP he is a musician to watch out for in his own right. My personal favourite track is ‘My All’ – a powerful and emotional song. Vocally Bowen is simply amazing in this track, and the raw emotive power behind it is mesmerising.

Duet ‘Our Love’ is equally mesmerising, but in a different way. With a softer sound and the combined harmonies with Christina Mullany, the acoustic track is another stand out on the EP.

Ballad ‘Untitled’ closes the EP and starts slowly, with focus on Bowen’s poignant lyrics. The song eventually builds up, with drums kicking it, and Bowen really letting his voice shine.

All in all, this is an exceptional first release from a very talented artist. Watch this space world. You heard it here first!

You can have a cheeky preview of some of Timothy’s tracks on his Soundcloudor Triple J Unearthed page, but don’t be lame, head to iTunes and purchase the EP there. You won’t regret it! 

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