WTF Wednesday: who else but Miley


In true ‘what the fuck?‘ fashion, Miley Cyrus has dropped yet another jaw-dropping video – this time teaming up with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Mike WiLL Made It for Mike’s latest single, 23. It’s apparently an homage to basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, but I don’t know whether he’ll take this as a compliment or not.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what is going on with Miley. Some say she’s completely lost the plot, while others claim she just doesn’t give a shit anymore (which could be an extension of one ‘losing her shit’).

But something has snapped, I think. She’s burnt down the Disney child actor we once knew and loved her as, and pissed on the ashes while smoking a joint and drinking straight vodka. Kudos to you, Miley, you know not to do anything half-arsed.

So, the song and the attached clip. Miley takes a stab at being a rhyming gal, sporting nothing but altered basketball/Michael Jordan merchandise and a personalised letterman jacket with ‘MILEY’ down the arm.


She’s sitting on the windowsill in a school bathroom smoking – a surefire way to get sent to the principal’s office. But don’t worry about that, Miley, because Juicy J is in the office anyway, doing some seriously obvious product placement.

Hang on, why are you in a school Miley? Isn’t this song called 23? We know that’s a reference to Jordan’s jersey number, but you’re almost that age as well, Miley. What 23-year-old is still at high school? When did cheerleaders start wearing g-strings as part of their uniform? You’re high on purp? That is definitely contraband on school property. You don’t even go here, Miley.

Apparently Miley took two years to write these latest songs. TWO YEARS. Just let that one sink in.

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