BULLSH!T REVIEWS: Dlinkwnt – Make It So (2013)


When you hear the term “Jazz -Hop”, most people would probably think of someone like Lil’ Wayne or Lil’ Jon speaking some gibberish with maybe a sax or trumpet thrown in because “that shit cray” or YOLO. Thankfully, I can say you are all wrong and will gladly point you in the direction of Dlinkwnt and their brand new E.P Make It So, which shows that they are leading the charge in this new little sub-genre that they have created for themselves. You may have heard of these guys before due to our 5 Minutes interview with them a few weeks ago, and, if you live in the Illawarra/Wollongong area, I would be very surprised if you haven’t.

With the opening track ‘Master Class’ we get a taste of everything Dlinkwnt have to offer, from the smooth jazz opening  to the funky rap beat with another sneaky jazz scat thrown in for good measure, these guys come out strong and lay the platform for what is a solid and well-polished E.P.

‘Make It’ continues with a bit more focus on the funk, letting the keys and drumbeat have a bit more of a lead role, but nonetheless, you can still hear the jazz sounds of the brass quartet piercing through, letting you know that these guys are not just mere background noise.

‘Over Throw’ slows the pace down a little bit and lets Dlinkwnt’s jazz roots come to the fore, with the frontman taking a small step back and letting the vocalist have more of a solo role. The slower pace provides a great rhythm and melody. It creates a song that one can easily and enjoyable groove out too.

‘Hindsight’, aside from being a personal favorite, was the track that really showcased the amazing talents of both the emcee and lead vocalist. They really stepped up and took charge of the song, so much so that it only took me a couple of listens to have me singing along with them.

The penultimate track ‘No Voice Left’ has the keys and drums laying the foundation for another solid funk track. We return to another slower tempo song, however in contrast to ‘Overthrow’, the emcee frontman has a chance to showcase his rapping talents, which I may say are excellent (and I’m not one for hip-hop in general).

The final track, and first single, ‘Over and Out’ is another shining example of how Dlinkwnt’s funk/jazz/hip-hop influences come together in what is another fantastic track. Everyone comes together brilliantly to close out the E.P with an extremely catchy title with their now trademark Jazz-Hop style.

The great thing about Dlinkwnt’s sound is that it is truly unique; I could recommend something for you to listen to get a gauge of what you’re in for, but honestly nothing comes to mind. They have carved themselves a great little niche to mold into whatever they want, and they are doing it brilliantly. Make It So is a great first release and one everyone should definitely pick up if they have a chance.

Watch these guys very closely. They’re going places.

Make It So is available on iTunes or you could check out their SoundCloud

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One thought on “BULLSH!T REVIEWS: Dlinkwnt – Make It So (2013)

  1. A Tribe Called Quest has been doing Jazz Rap since the early 90s.
    Some other artists of the genre worth checking out are Freestyle Fellowship, Organized Konfusion, Blackalicious, Camp Lo, Dela, Jazz Liberatorz and The Q4.

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