5 things that don’t change after high-school.

As you grow older, it’s common to throw around insults referring to your teenage life and the tumultuous years that come under the tag ‘high-school.’ For example; ‘She’s acting like a high-schooler!’, ‘No, I’d rather not, we’re not in high-school anymore,’ and ‘Oh my God, my ex is dating a HIGH-SCHOOLER!‘ (hopefully not that last one).

A huge exciting part of saying farewell to your teen years and leaving the stage of our lives known as prison high-school, is that bright, shiny future that you hear adults talk about. The future that in no way refers to immature, catty girls, snappy, cranky teachers and confusing, hormonal boys. The life AFTER high-school.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but chances are while you head to this glorious life, there’s going to be a few things that haven’t quite changed since your days in the concrete jungle.

1) Mean Girls

There will still be mean girls in your life unfortunately. They don’t die out after we finish year 12. Whether it’s in college, one of your university classes, or in the work world, there’s always going to be at least one Regina George lurking around somewhere. It’s a tough realisation that 38-year-old women can still get a kick out of spreading rumours around a workplace, but the cold, hard reality is that some mean girls, never reform.

2) Your love life will be just as confusing, if not more

How confusing were teenage boys AMIRITE? Thank god I’m in my twenties now and guys are super easy to read and clear about what they want.

Oh wait…

There’s a high possibility that there are going to be times you’re left crying after another heartbreak, left confused after another failed fling, left over-analysing why someone isn’t texting you back etc. Really, the main difference is instead of waiting for that first magical kiss, you’re debating when a good time to sleep with someone is. Also chances are if someone asks you out, you’ll reply in a better way than running away from them (sorry to the guy I did this to in year 11…)

3) You’ll feel underpaid and under-appreciated 

So chances are you’re not working at McDonalds for minimum wage anymore, but you feel just as underpaid and as under-appreciated as you did there. Whether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder, searching earnestly for a decent paying grad job or using your spare time to slave intern for free, remnants of your defiant teenage self will still be lurking in your twenty-something body, shaking an angry fist at how unfair life is and how no one appreciates you.

4) Sometimes, you’ll have absolutely no fucking direction

Much like algebra, life isn’t all that easy to work out sometimes. Whether it’s in your job, love-life, friend life, family life etc, sometimes you have no clue what to do or where you’re going. Sometimes it’s easier just to crawl back into bed and waste your time watching another season of a TV show. Sometimes your inner teenager takes over, crosses her arms, stamps her foot and refuses to figure it all out (well at least for a day).

5) Music will still be the best pick-me-up

Jumping around and releasing pent up energy to angry emo bands that you loved in your teens doesn’t have to end with high-school. The only thing that really changes with music being a vice, is the fact that you may be more willing to admit all those embarrassing bands you listen to, that you never wanted to admit previously because it’d ruin your street cred. Back in my high-school days, I was the alternative music snob – obviously the bands I listened to were SO much better than the Black Eyed Pods or whatever all those mainstream folks were into. Last year I willingly tagged myself on Facebook at a Hanson concert. 16-year-old music snob Tahlia died on the inside.

Words by TAHLIA PRITCHARD, who has no shame in admitting she’ll still dance around her room to My Chemical Romance. And One Direction. Sometimes…

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