BULLSH!T REVIEWS: People, Places, Things – Adam Wedd (2013 EP)


Adam Wedd is a South Londoner who has apparently been in the music game for some time – his website mentions his involvement in various different bands, however People, Places, Things is his first release as a solo artist. The EP brings forth feelings and images which echo that of warm summer afternoons and crisp autumn mornings. There is something very organic about his music.

The first track Monster Park opens with a neat and rather beautiful piano melody. We hear a roughness to Wedd’s voice, and there are points throughout the song where he doesn’t quite hit some of the high notes, but it is of no matter; it’s clear that the rawness behind his voice indicates a certain passion. I’m reminded somewhat of Jack’s Mannequin when listening to this song. The cello is also a nice addition and plays alongside Wedd’s voice and the piano melody well. I do feel that there are times, particularly in the swell of the song, where Wedd could benefit from vocal harmonisation to bring a bit more punch.

Sons and Daughters seems like the kind of song that would fit nicely in a dreamy childhood montage in some kind of film. I feel like I need to be lying in a field somewhere, soaking in the sun and staring at the clouds when I listen to this. There is a distinctly nostalgic feel to this song–Wedd mentions on his blog that he writes from experience and reflection, and you get a  understanding of his writing process through this song.

Temptation of Nothingness is a more upbeat song. The lyricism is not especially profound, but do find that there is a nice kind of listlessness one feels when listening to this song. It evokes memories of summer holidays, riding you bike to hang out with friends, or simply spending those long days alone, doing nothing.

Finally, Built To Shine is where we hear the title line of this EP, but also shows us a potentially more poetic side to the EP. “We’re punching holes in the darkness/that the light may bleed in” is one of the most effective lines Wedd presents to us, and it resonates well with the general feel of the song–it seems to be a more reflective song verging on one of those power-pop songs similar to that of Coldplay. The combination of cello, acoustic guitar, xylophone, and piano creates a nice harmonic melody.  I think that the build up of this song is probably the strongest on the EP.

Overall this EP is pretty easy listening, ideal for lazy Saturday afternoons in the sun. If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran and perhaps even bands like HelloGoodbye or Augustana, then I would recommend you have a listen to People, Places, Things.

Adam Wedd can be found on facebook and soundcloud. His website is found here.

Madeleine is a fan of Saturday afternoons and good music. You can follow her on twitter, or check out the BULLSH!T twitter here.


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