Anyone for a Questacon wedding?


BXJSJbMCUAASqShAs was widely expected, the nations capital today passed its much-discussed marriage equality bill, officially making the A.C.T. the first state or jurisdiction on Australian soil where marriage discrimination has been struck down.

While the bill is set to be challenged by the Federal government in coming weeks, it is still an enormous step in the right direction for a country that has rapidly been falling behind its Western World counterparts. With both New South Wales and Tasmania set to introduce similar bills in coming months, it’s looking like the tide could finally be turning.

Of course, this is despite the Governments best efforts to stick their fingers in their eyes and hum blindly in the opposite direction. They seem to still be holding out hope that the “fashion of the moment” (Abbott’s words, not mine) will be gone soon, and everyone will slink back to the closet and resume Confirmed Bachelor status; maybe adopt a nice corgi.

The move has been widely praised across social media – and despite Fred Nile’s deepest fears, the country has yet to plunge into the flaming pits of hell. Nor has anyone arrived at the aisle with their wedding-dress clad cat – although it has only been a few hours. There’s one thing that can’t be denied, and that’s the powerful momentum that is gathering as each day passes.

Here’s how the internet reacted:

In other LGBT-related news, the Prime Minister’s openly gay sister Christine Forster yesterday announced her engagement to long-term (and same-sex) partner. She has assured press that her brother, Tony “Gays-Intimidate-Me” Abbott will be in attendance. She’s also stated that “instead of bridesmaids, we’re going to have drag queens”.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

Article by HARRISON CARTWRIGHT, who thinks the only  bad thing about gay marriage is that he’ll finally have to face his commitment issues. Follow him on Twitter here and join the conversation with #ACT4Equality.

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