BULLSH!T Reviews: Movement – Goodgod Small Club (26.10.2013)

Hailing from Sydney, the Movement boys are set for big things. Recently signed to Modular Records, who have produced internationally acclaimed acts like Flight Facilities, Cut Copy, and Tame Impala, Movement’s soulful club tracks will definitely get the people going in due time. They are certainly pushed by their record label, which seems to be paying off – with only two singles released, Movement already have an impressive review by Pitchfork, airtime on BBC Radio 1, and designed their own shirts manufactured by Topman. Not many bands can claim such promising things in days as early as this, so Movement seem to be heading in the right direction.

On Saturday the 26th, they had their single launch for their new song ‘Us’ at Goodgod Small Club. Their sound has a dreamy electronic bass and beat; a sensual edge at times, that has a haunting kind of resonance. ‘Us’ itself is a great track, subdued and chilled out but containing an swelling kind of darkness to it as well. While Movement do perhaps run the risk of sounding too much like a group who has jumped on the R&B-fused-dance-genre bandwagon, they simultaneously have a bit of an edge in both the uniqueness of their vocalist’s sound, and for having an engaging live set. I think it would be too easily to criticise Movement’s music of sounding too similar to other bands like Jai Paul and The XX; Youtube commenters have certainly had a go at pointing this out. However I would urge anyone who can, especially those critical of their singles, to see Movement live, because their set was not what I expected it to be at all. It was really refreshing to see a real band of this genre performing on stage and not just some guy behind a laptop, which a lot of people seem to be doing these days. I was happily surprised to see Movement on stage with a bass guitar, cymbals, keyboard, synths and more; this rates higher on my perceptive talent scale.

Movement at Goodgod (excuse the crappy iPhone shot)

I’d argue that unlike The XX, who are often criticised for being bland live, Movement command a greater presence on stage. All three band members have a ton of energy, and a certain focus that is mesmerising. I cannot go past the talent of Movement’s lead singer, who possesses a certain commanding presence that extends from his voice to his body language on stage. He has a truly incredible voice, soulful and strong. I get a Bobby Womack vibe from him, which is always a plus. He plays around with range and projection, and successfully charms the crowd throughout their set. This, combined with the haunting, echoing vocal harmonisation of their bassist, and the eclectic energy of their percussionist, their band name makes perfect sense. You would have to be out of your mind or very, very boring to not feel like moving when listening to these guys. They performed a number of great songs, some set to come out possibly in the next year, and all really great club tracks. The venue suited them well, but I can easily see them performing in front of bigger crowds and commanding just as impressive a stage presence. Their set is tight as heck and it’s clear that they have a professionalism that a lot of bands at this stage in their music careers tend to lack.

I’m interested to see where Movement are headed in the future. I’m sure that their popularity will only grow greater, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this time next year they are set to tour nationally. So keep an eye out for Movement, or more importantly, an ear.

Movement’s Facebook page is found here.

Watch the music video for ‘Us’ here

Review by MADELEINE ER, a creative writing student and music fanatic. Follow her on Twitter, or check out her mixtapes on 8-tracks.

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