Calling all Halloween Haters

Okay, I get it. Halloween is another thing Americans have commercialised and ruined. They’ve taken away from it being an old Celtic celebration, and turned it into their excessive plaything etc etc. Now I know America does have a lot to answer for (The Twilight series and Paris Hilton spring to mind), but is it time we stop hating on this tradition and embrace having a bit of fun?

In favour of YOLO, not giving a fuck and embracing Halloween spirit, I’ve combined a quick list of why we should stop hating and start enjoying.

1) When have Australians ever knocked back a good reason to party?

Come on. We’re the nation known for drinking, partying and having a good time. Why fight another excuse to get merry, dress up and drink excessively? If anything is un-Australian, it’s your lack of wanting to go out and have a good time. Just sayin’.  If it makes you feel more Australian, dress up as a bogan, with a southern cross tattoo and wear a pair of budgie smugglers. You’d look fully sick.

2) Dress ups:

If you don’t like dressing up, you’re not going to be a friend of mine. I love once a year I can go out in public looking like a zombie, a vampire, a dalmatian or skanky Wonder Woman, and no one questions what I’m doing.

3) All the lollies:

I don’t think the whole passing out lollies/candy thing has caught on majorly in Australia yet, but there’s nothing wrong with brightening up a kids day by giving them some sweet treats. Besides, it’s the one day you can do it without looking suspicious and pedophile like. I don’t recommend offering to fill up a child’s bucket with candy any other day.


4) Sometimes America has the right idea about things:

I like the fact America has a lot of excessive celebrations for holidays that may seem a little stupid. Sure it’s commercialised, but in a world where bad things happen everyday, it’s nice to be able to have a day to celebrate a tradition or holiday just for the sake of it, kick back and have a little fun.

5) Being a hater sucks:

It’s time to lighten up. Don’t haters  ever get tired of wasting so much energy on bagging out celebrations? Are they like the Grinch on Christmas day too? Why bother ruining someone else’s fun by crapping on about how un-Australian Halloween is, and how you don’t approve. In that case, lock the door, turn off the lights and don’t celebrate. Easy.

Are you pro or anti Halloween?

Article by TAHLIA PRITCHARD who loves another excuse to drink and dress ridiculously. 

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What are your thoughts?

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