NEWS: Police investigating NZ online ‘rape club.’

Trigger warning: This article deals with an account of rape/sexual assault. 

Police in New Zealand are investigating a group of young men who boast online about getting underage girls drunk and then initiating in group sex with them.

The group, known as the ‘Roast Busters’ are reportedly aged in their late teens, and have bragged about using social media to lure their victims, some as young as 13.

After getting their victims drunk, the men are said to have named and shamed the girls in videos posted on a Facebook page. One underage girl told a television station that the group preyed on her after giving her so much alcohol, she kept blacking out.

“You could say I got raped. I had sex with three guys at one time,” she said. (The girls identity was obscured).

Police say they are taking the issue seriously and have been investigating the group for almost two years, including monitoring its Facebook page. However they say the case has been stalled, because victims are too traumatised to give evidence.

Former sexual abuse counsellor and Greens MP Jan Logie says the justice system should deal with the case accordingly.

“If you need proof that there is something seriously wrong with how rape is talked about and prosecuted, look no further than the revelations about the Roast Busters rape club,” she said.

Article by TAHLIA PRITCHARD. Follow BULLSH!T on Twitter and Facebook.


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