BREAKING BULLSH!T: Snowden reveals Australia spied on Indonesian president

We barely believe it, either.

News has broken that Australian intelligence gathering in 2009 monitored the calls of Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, on more than one occasion. The monitored calls included not only the president, but his wife and a number of notable politicians – some of whom are in contention for the Indonesian election next year. Most of the data gathered was information of who is calling who, and for how long, but there was an instance where an attempt to tap in to a call, which failed as the call itself was less than a minute in length.

What does this say about us, the ‘lucky country’? What does this imply about Indonesia possibly gathering information on us? What will Tony Abbott have to say after denying that our embassy in Jakarta hasn’t been using spy tactics?

Tony, is it really just research now?

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING BULLSH!T: Snowden reveals Australia spied on Indonesian president

    • Yes you’re right, Tony wasn’t PM at the time the phone intelligence was gathered, but the Liberals would have had a say on whether intelligence gathering on Indonesia would go ahead or not. Labor aren’t solely to blame in this instance, it takes the whole to agree on something.

      As for Tony, he’s the PM now that this has come out. He essentially is the ‘face of Australia’ and thus has to answer to things that come up whilst he’s in office.

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