BREAKING: Guilty verdict for Gittany.

Simon Gittany was today found guilty of murdering his fiancee Lisa Harnum. In a case that has gripped the Australian public, Gittany threw Ms Harnum off their 15th floor balcony on July 30 2011, in a fit of rage, after discovering she was planning to leave him.

Victim, Lisa Harnum.

Victim, Lisa Harnum.

Despite overwhelming evidence, Gittany maintained his innocence, protesting that Ms Harnum climbed over the balcony of their high-rise apartment before falling to her death.

Justice Lucy McCallum delivered the verdict to a full courthouse, telling the court she did not accept Gittany’s account that Ms Harnum’s death was accidental or suicide, citing that the lack of fingerprints on the glass barrier made Mr Gittany’s version of events implausible.

The trial heard allegations that Gittany was domineering and abusive towards his 30-year-old fiancee, subjecting her to intense surveillance. Gittany had installed CCTV in his apartment to monitor Ms Harnum’s actions, also using a computer program to keep eye on her text messages, emails and internet usage.

Moments before her death, Gittany was captured on camera dragging Ms Harnum back into the apartment as she screamed “Help me, God help me.”

It has been reported that 40-year-old Gittany barely reacted as he was found guilty.

You can read more about the trial and sentencing here and here. 

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