BULLSH!T Discusses: Seven times we grew up

The team here at BULLSH!T recently put their heads together to compile a very diverse, and very eclectic list of answers to that one question everyone has pondered at least once in their life: when exactly is that moment you really start feeling that adolescence was over, and adulthood was upon you?

1. “As much as I’d like to write something funny here as to when I felt like an adult (I say that rather than feeling like I’ve grown up because, let’s face it, I haven’t) was the first time I had to apply for a rental property. I’d previously lived with family or with friends where I wasn’t technically on the lease and was all of a sudden thrust in a situation I’d had no preparation for or education about and was expected to just know what the hell I was doing. It was in all honesty terrifying. It took something like three attempts for me to actually do it properly and right up until it was approved I never stopped bricking it.”

2. “The first time I ever lost someone close to me. Growing up, there’d be deaths, but I always felt like there was this invisible curtain dividing me from it. The afternoon that my grandmother passed away, I felt like that curtain had been wrenched back completely. My parents were interstate so I found myself thrust into all these responsibilities I didn’t think would be mine for a very long time. I guess that’s when I first realized things were really starting to change.”

3. “I first really felt like an adult when I started booking my own flights. Sounds kind of silly I guess but I had only ever been on holidays with my family before so my dad would always do all the booking. Even when I went to study in England my dad had kind of organised my flight over there, so it wasn’t until I started booking my own flights and planning things where I didn’t have to ask my parent’s permission that I really felt like an adult.”

4. “There’s been a few pivotal moments – it can range from something trivial like buying myself alcohol for the first time, or paying my own bills to serious things like when I was first diagnosed with a form of anxiety and depression. It was the time I knew I had the responsibility to sort my life out myself – and not rely on others to shoulder any responsibility or burden. The times where I have to take control and sit back and assess on where I’m going next, what I want to achieve and how to start this process, is when I feel most like an adult.”

5. “I felt like an adult in my first job, when one day, a woman referred to me to her teenage son by saying ‘tell the lady what you want’ instead of what they usually had said “Tell the girl what you want”. I knew I wasn’t a teenager anymore, I was technically grown up.”

6. “I spent $20 on socks today. Socks.”

7. “I felt like an adult the moment I realised that I am wholly responsible for my finances, to budget, to save, to spend. I had a moment today when I was chatting with my boss about my work hours – I actually felt myself say ‘Fourteen hours a week isn’t enough. I can’t live on $200 when my rent is $125’. I have nobody else to blame if I can’t do a food shop or my car is running on fumes. This is my first year living out of home without some kind of Youth Allowance or government payments, so there’s nothing for me to fall back onto. But hey, I’ve survived.”

Had a similar moment? Let us know in the comments below.

Words bought to you by the BULLSH!T team, who are all still trying to figure out this whole ‘growing up’ thing. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.


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