Australian history made with first same-sex marriage

At 12.01am, Australia witnessed its first same-sex marriage. On the lawns on Parliament House, Dennis Liddelow married his partner of 10 years, Stephen Dawson – who is also a Labor MP from Western Australia. The country rejoiced, and Fred Nile probably woke up in a sweat.

Stephen Dawson Dennis Liddelow first same-sex marriage in AustraliaAs the ACT’s Marrige Equality Act came into effect at midnight, the couple tied the knot and began what is to be a very busy weekend for the Australian LGBT community, with around 40 weddings registered to be held.

Wedding bliss may be short-lived for these happy couples though, as the Australian High Court will rule the Marriage Equality Act’s constitutional validity on Thursday, leaving a five day window open for same-sex couples to say their vows.

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