A Hazing on the horizon for HostageX

A change in the sea breeze is on the horizon for Wollongong nightlife with the launch of ‘The Haze’, Illawarra’s first Indie night. Located at one of Wollongong’s most renowned nightclubs, HostageX, ‘The Haze’ is set to be a monthly breath of fresh air to the nightlife of the south.

Spinning the finest fresh and classic Indie anthems all night long, HostageX is set to become the venue for local and emerging artists. With live set’s from five of the best established and emerging Indie bands the East Coast has to offer, including: Sons of Alamo, Birds With Thumbs, Foxground, Jaguar Club and The Kava Kings.

With a history of renowned gig’s, such as Big Day Out and Triple J Rotation, headlining act, Sons of Alamo is reminiscent of classic Kings of Leon vibes. Previously playing at bigger Sydney venues such as The Metro Theatre and The Factory Theatre, organiser, James Sherley states, “I’m really excited to have them play, but the band I’m equally excited about is Birds With Thumbs”

Described by the band as ‘punk garage, indie surf punk and eating pizza with your best friends parents’, Birds With Thumbs is expected to rock the roof of HostageX with a raw infectious energy bound to translate extremely well into their live set. With an EP ‘Cats and Other Dangerous Animals’, already under their belt, Birds With Thumbs can be likened to fellow Aussie acts such as Surf-pop punk rockers Bleeding Knees Club and Dune Rats.

From the local soil of Wollongong, Foxground have played at numerous venues all over Wollongong, creating a local name for themselves as the ‘choice as’ band. Supporting Snkadaktal in their recent tour, this was a match made in heaven, with likened female vocals and ambient indie sounds.

Formally known as Leslie Speaker, Southern Sydney band Jaguar Club maintains their psych-pop and soft rock sounds. With smooth tunes and chilled out vibes they are positioned to create a dynamic live act not to be missed.

Recently playing a sold out set at The Oxford Art Factory in the lead up to ‘The Haze’, The Kava Kings describe their sound as ‘gypsy inspired ska-surf-rock-reggae with a hint of Latin styles’. With lead singer, Tom Smithson juggling vocals, guitar and trumpet he leads the band to an extremely upbeat and sweaty live show.

Pitted to becoming Wollongong’s newest ‘it place’ for emerging artists, Sherley isn’t limiting this night to specific Wollongong bands, but rather “they can also span from different ends of Sydney to the Central Coast”. With the five acts originating from different hometowns, as well as a vast range of sub-genres, including garage-punk rock to psychedelic to even ska-reggae, the night has the potential to emerge as one of Wollongong’s greatest live music treasures.

Written by Gemma Mollenhauer, who was pretty damn excited for this event, yet just found out she has to work. Soul crushed. 

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