For all the missing pieces


Ever felt like there’s something about your life that isn’t quite right? Maybe it’s an odd feeling that creeps up to catch you by surprise; maybe it’s recalling something that used to be familiar and now feels entirely foreign. Maybe it’s a blankness that sits inside you, remaining stubbornly in place no matter how many different ways you may try to fill it. It could be a person, a place, a thing. There’s something not where it should be. You can’t see it, but you can certainly feel it, deep in a place you only just realised existed. It’s one of the more visceral aspects in transitioning towards the next leg on your journey.

People come into your life every day. Some of them stick around and some of them don’t – but they all matter; from that person you spend that one crazy night with somewhere in the depths of a metropolitan nightspot, to those best friends who can trace all the intricacies of who you are with little more than a swift exchange of glances. Life is a mosaic, a collection of colors that fall together to create the fabric of your very existence. Sometimes pieces go missing; they drop away without you realizing and the empty space they leave behind can seem so enormous. It can throw everything else off balance.

That’s why its important to always keep looking – because as much as you may be the one to create that emptiness, you also hold within you the power to fill it, with something brighter. Something better.  There exists in the universe an infinite number of possibilities. Good things will happen if you make them. Don’t let the agony of what’s absent consume you. Let it become the foundation from which you forge your own future.

There’s a funny thing about endings, and it’s that most of the time they happen without you even realizing. Goodbye is a word we say so often, and it’s a word whose true intent and purpose we often travel through life failing to understand.  There’s a possibility existing that every encounter you have with someone could well be your last. Perhaps it’s wiser to consider it as more a metaphorical thing – an abstract sense of being that sits in the dusty corner of ones mind until the time finally comes that letting go emerges as the only sensible way forward. You’re never going appreciate the road ahead if your eyes are trained firmly on the rear-view mirror.

So get out there, no matter who you are. No matter where you are. This life is yours to do what you please with it, and this world is yours to explore. Don’t waste another second. Roll on wet grass. Run and feel the wind in your hair. Never look back. Never slow down. Enjoy it.  The good and the bad. Make mistakes and burn bridges. Fix them, then build new ones and cross them with the ones you love. If you haven’t learnt by now that this existence of yours is a journey; a voyage – one that’s fraught with equal parts sadness and success, then it’s time to sit down and have a think about what you’re really doing here. It’s time to think about the fact you’re just as entitled to adventure and happiness as every other person born into a life on this crazy planet we call home.

Of course it’s going to be confusing. It’s meant to be. That’s the fun of it. That’s the crazy, stupid fun. Sometimes things seem completely nonsensical; the path unfolding before you ludicrous, impossible to comprehend – and sometimes, on a warm night when the cicadas are singing their song and the sky has fallen to oranges and pinks, it all begins to make sense.

Words by HARRISON CARTWRIGHTHe thinks too much.

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2 thoughts on “For all the missing pieces

  1. This is life. We ARE on a journey from the one end of eternity to the other end of eternity. Our life is the only break from eternity we are getting. So, we better take note of all the bits and pieces that life throws at us. Enjoy the good bits and be stoic about to bad bits.

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