BULLSH!T: 2013 in review

It’s been a pretty massive year for the team here at BULLSH!T. What started as a little idea on a boring train ride home, has turned into a blog that has covered everything from Australian politics, to worldwide scandals, news and of course…Miley Cyrus. Since May we’ve brought you over 200 articles on the things that matter (and a fair few things that don’t), and watched the site grow from receiving 20 hits a day, to hundreds, and sometimes thousands.

2014 is shaping up to be an even better year for us here at BULLSH!T, and we wouldn’t have made is this far without some help. So a huge thank you goes out to all contributors, readers, internet lurkers and anyone who’s ever shared, tweeted or liked an article.

Without further ado, we bring you BULLSH!T’s biggest articles of 2013:

1. Love me Tinder, love me true: A week on Tinder –

Co-editors Courtney and Tahlia braved the murky depths of internet dating to bring you a bit of an insight to what dating on Tinder looks like. From the good, to the bad, to the ugly, it turns out Internet dating can be entertaining, highly interesting and sometimes just downright creepy. Will there be a follow up article? Stay tuned…

2. Shit Americans say when you tell them you’re Australian – 

One of BULLSH!T’s contributors Ellen went on exchange and had to fend a lot of weird questions from Canadians and Americans during her travels. The amount of Americans that believe drop bears are real? Insane.

3. Abbott announces cabinet, internet reacts –

While we’re not sure Tony Abbott did much worthwhile for the country this year, he certainly did do great things for our site stats. The one good thing to come out of Abbott’s announcement was the plethora of hilarious internet reactions. We compiled 10 of our favourites in this post.

4. Because, ‘She’s just being Miley!’

Ahh Miley. Our spirit animal for 2013. While it’s easy to roll your eyes at the shambles that was the VMA’s now, a few months ago it was ALL over the internet. We discovered 7 important life lessons from her outrageous performance that we helpfully compiled in this GIF-filled post.

5. Why girls won’t date the ‘Nice Guy’

There are the genuinely nice guys, then there are the guys that play up the persona and turn into arseholes when they don’t get what they want. This opinion piece on the hotly debated ‘nice guy’ term definitely proved to be a favourite in google searches this year.

Special mentions:

The Skins (season 7) reviews.
5 Reasons why guys are attracted to ‘crazy’ women.
Top 15 ‘Tony Abbott’ tweets.
Casual homophobia and why it’s got to stop. 
Tattoos and other ways to ruin your body.

If you’re interested in contributing for the site in 2014 – whether it’s a one-off piece, or you’d like to do it regularly – contact us at bs.editor@live.com.

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