NEWS: Abortion ‘an abhorrent form of birth control.’

Senator Cory Bernardi, has made headlines today by stating that some women use abortion as an ‘abhorrent form of birth control.’

Now for some weird reason, I fail to see what makes a middle-age man an expert on women and their rights to their own womb and body. In Bernardi’s black and white world, apparently women having access to abortions means they’ll just go off and have them all the time. Because, you know, women who fall pregnant and want to consider all their options, are more than happy just to take a little time off and go through what can be a traumatic experience. ‘Oops, I’m pregnant, lucky there’s abortion as a form of birth control,’ is obviously what any woman would think.

Then again, in Bernardi’s alternate universe, homosexuality and beastiality are also linked…

You can read more about Bernardi’s enlightening thoughts here and here. 


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3 thoughts on “NEWS: Abortion ‘an abhorrent form of birth control.’

  1. Not much that you can say about this pin-head save for the fact that he’ll say or do anything to draw attention to himself. You have to remember that he counts Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Howard, Ronald Regan, Margret Thatcher and Alan Jones as his hero’s. An unflushable turd and an excellent argument for retrospective abortion. 🙂

  2. I find it utterly ridiculous that men weigh into the abortion debate at all, really if you don’t have a uterus your opinion holds no weight for you will never know what it means to be pregnant, under any circumstance – ever. It’s like asking a white person about the importance of black rights – sure the well adjusted white person can appreciate it but will never fully understand it and some are just plain ignorant – like this douche lord Cory.

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