The 9 selfies that are NEVER okay.

I’m all for a good selfie every now and then. Why not? The term selfie has been added to the dictionary now after all. And with social media, particularly ones like instagram, tumblr and snapchat, selfies are not just a thing for the rich and famous; we can all celebrate with a good selfie yo!

That being said, there’s a few selfies I’ll see from time to time, that I just fail to see the purpose of. Introducing the most annoying/weird/confusing selfies EVER.

1) The ‘I’m so sick’ selfie:

The selfies that people upload of their pale, grim or sad looking face, complaining about how sick they are. ‘In bed with tonsillitis, this sucks,’ may be a caption. Half the time they don’t even look that bad. Trust me, when I’m sick, I can barely get the energy to pick up my phone, and if I did, my face is definitely not something you’d be wanting to clog up your social media feed. It’d be enough to scare you into the thought that the zombie apocalypse really is coming.

2) The funeral selfie:

Funeral Selfie

“Dressed up, but for a really sad occasion #funeral.”

Just…WHY?! Some of the hash-tags get even worse: #followforafollow, #likeforalike.

I will not like the fact you are going to a funeral. Either should you or anyone else. Who are you, Satan?!

3) The ‘duck-face’ selfie:  

duckface selfie

What….is it?

Peace and pout, duck-face, the sparrow. I’m not sure where everyone’s obsession with looking like a bird came from, but I’m personally going to stay away. Also, the thought of looking slightly constipated while trying to pull such a face is enough to turn me off.

4) The ‘watch me drive’ selfie:

Cool you can drive while taking a selfie. I hope you feel that awesome when you accidentally total your car, hurt another person, hit a stray dog etc, because you’re too focused on capturing your face.

5) The ones with the same expression EVERY SINGLE TIME:

Hey that’s a pretty photo. Oh that one too. Looks a bit similar to the other ten you posted, but whatever. Oh hey, another selfie. Wait. Is that new or did you just photoshop a new outfit onto yourself? I’m starting to get worried that your face is frozen in that one expression. Seriously. DOES YOUR FACE EVEN MOVE?

6) People crying selfies: 

crying selfie


These actually really disturb me. I don’t mean to be stereotypical but it’s mainly girls, and teenage ones at that, that want you (ALL OF YOU) to see how much pain they are in. It’s like, so sad you guys. Like, you just don’t even understand. I literally like…can’t even deal you know?

7) The ‘look how deep, musical, and lyrical I am’ selfie:

The selfie captioned with some deep and meaningful lyrics, mainly about your feelings towards life. Let me tell you my selfie captioned ‘To the window, to the wall. To the sweat drop down mah balls. To all you bitchez crawl.’ did not get any likes recently.

8) The gym selfie: 

Okay I get it. You’re at the gym. Lifting and shit. Congratulations. I’m sitting here eating corn chips. Oh you don’t care? Funnily enough, I FEEL THE SAME WAY.

9) The Shane Warne selfie:

Shane Warne selfie


I saved the worst for last. Put it away Warnie. PUT IT AWAY.

Check out the gallery of fail selfies below. Can you think of any more to add to the list?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Article by TAHLIA PRITCHARD, who at 16, took the most embarrassing lyrically edited selfies known to man-kind. 

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