How to Cure a TV Series Hangover

We’ve all been there: dreary eyed, brain zapped, unaware of what day it is or whether it’s still light. It’s been three days, you’re unwashed and your breath stinks… what have you achieved over the past three days? Nothing.

Well, that’s not completely true, you’ve eaten a few pizzas, drank your body weight in coffee, suffered through the stink of your own body odour and you’ve watched a whole TV series. Now that it’s over, you’re feeling the soreness at the back of your neck, the pins and needles in your legs and the over-tiredness of your body something chronic. But not only this, you’re at a loss of what to do with your life now that the series is over. Where do you begin? But like any addiction, the road to recovery is long, and first begins with acknowledging you’ve got a problem.


  1. You’ve become so used to your body odour, you can’t smell yourself anymore, yet roommates/parents can smell you from the other bedrooms of the house.
  2. Your neck/back/eyes are sore.
  3. You’ve either lost weight due to having ‘no time’ to make food or gained weight due to eating crap food.
  4. You’ve let your phone run out of battery and all commitments gone unfulfilled.
  5. Your eyes are bloodshot and sore from staring at a screen 24/7.
  6. When you do sleep, you dream of the TV show.


  1. Call your parents to let them know you’re all right and despite the fact they haven’t heard from you in a little while, make up that you’ve been preoccupied with school/Uni/work.
  2. Take a shower and brush your teeth, they’re probably disgusting.
  3. Go for a walk/run and get some air into those lungs that have only breathed the stink of your body odour for the past few days.
  4. Once you get home do something productive, you’re probably feeling the pinch of being so inactive the past few days and doing something worthwhile will make you feel better about your life. I suggest, cleaning your room or baking some muffins.
  5. Lastly, get your sleeping pattern back in order. Once sleep is restored, recovery is at your fingertips.

Although warning against watching a whole TV series in one sitting is completely justified, it’s not going to stop me. However, be selective on when you start this series, make sure you have no commitments to be upheld and ensure you do have regular ‘breathers’. It’s also not a good idea to watch back to back TV series, the mind needs a break; especially from crime shows, as I’m well learning.

Written by Gemma, who’s still recovering from non-stop viewing from, Elementary to Hannibal. She’s feeling the pinch of crime show addiction.

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