BREAKING: Philip Seymour Hoffman, dead at 46

Overnight, silver screen great, Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away in his New York home, after a suspected drug overdose.
Hoffman was discovered by a personal assistant in his bathroom in the West Village, allegedly with a hypodermic needle still inserted in his arm, and an envelope which is believed to have contained heroin. His body was found at around 11.30am local time, 3.30am Australian time. New York authorities are still undergoing investigation in the late actor/director’s property.

Hoffman admitted to past struggles with substance abuse, and had fallen off the bandwagon after 23 years of being sober. He had also checked himself into a rehab stint in May 2013, after abusing prescription medication and snorting heroin for a week. In an interview in 2006, he noted that he “abused anything I would get my hands on. I loved it all.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar for his lead role in 2005 film, Capote, and his name was attached to a plethora of titles, both as actor and director. Most recently, he starred in the second installment of the Hunger Games films, Catching Fire.


His legacy is survived by his partner, Mimi O’Donnell, and three children, Cooper Alexander, 10, Tallulah, 7, and Willa, 5.


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