New Music : Jack R Reilly

We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for old mate Jack. It doesn’t help that we’ve just heard from a little bird that the Unearthed sweetheart has a new track up on his Soundcloud, another tease from his upcoming album, which is due for release in April.

Cold Reminders is the kind of song that slowly creeps into your head at 3am, and you’re quietly humming the tune when you can’t get back to sleep. The soft melodies blend beautifully with the simple guitar work, and the added bonus of a backing choir/gang vocals during the choruses give the track another layer of beauty.

Over on Jack’s Unearthed profile, he’s gotten head nods from Triple J insiders, Max Quinn and Dave Ruby Howe, so you know he’s legit. Plus, his MiddleEverything artwork is a photo of him as a kid in quad skates. The roller derby girl in my heart can’t say no to that.


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