NEWS: Musical shake-up on the cards for Wollongong

With Wollongong’s music community being arguable one of the most accepting and ever growing businesses in Australia, a proposal to further better the community comes at no surprise. Recommendations from the Live Music Taskforce and Live Music Action Plan have been pinned up on the New South Wales town council awaiting approval in the coming months.

From the laid back attitudes to coastal lifestyle, Wollongong is very different to Sydney. However, also with a lack of financial backing, a growing musical community won’t be at the top of the priority list for the Wollongong Council. Although with such recommendations including making council-owned buildings available for music events, it’s easy to see how simple improving Wollongong, increasing tourism and further developing a sustainable music community can be.

Local venue Yours and Owls.

Local venue Yours and Owls.

Local music teacher and pioneer in the Wollongong community, Anna Chaplin describes the Illawarra as a “treasure cove of talent”, with an incredible faith in the music community, she states “There is so much talent, and probally so much more talent waiting … A lot of the time people think the live music scene is gone, but it’s not, it’s just changed. Inactivity is more dangerous. It all comes back to the talent”.

Believing community togetherness is key to ensuring the sustainability of the Wollongong musical community, Chaplin states “Wollongong is a treasure cove, there are so many little gems, everyone just needs to come out and make it happen and I think if we all bind together we could be a powerhouse”.

Only through community pressure will the Wollongong Council implement the recommendations listed in the report, so get behind the report and lets work together to improve the community.

Other recommendations include:

  • Development of a multi-day festival in the region
  • That council-owned buildings are made available for music events
  • Improve night transport to help get music crowds home
  • Council to promote shows, festivals and venues through their channel
  • New residential developments to incorporate acoustic measures to avoid noise complaints
  • That a clear process be implemented for noise complaints against venues including mediation

For further access to the Live Music Action Plan click here.

Words by GEMMA MOLLENHAUER, whom is stoked at the possibility of further bettering the music scene in Wollongong, but it doesn’t change the fact she still can’t afford to attend majority of gigs. Follow her on twitter here

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