VALE: Charlotte Dawson

Prominent Media personality and former judge of Australia’s Next Top Model Charlotte Dawson, 47, was this morning found dead in her Woolloomooloo apartment. A police media spokesman gave the following statement:

“About 11am police from the Kings Cross local area command were called to Cowper Wharf Road after the body of a woman had been located in a unit. No suspicious circumstances at this stage and a report is being prepared for the coroner.”

Dawson entered the public arena as a model and continued rising further to fame with appearances on Celebrity Apprentice Australia and Mornings, although she was most known for the humor and edge bought to her judging role on Australia’s Next Top Model – which she has since departed from.

Recent years have seen her hospitalized for issues relating to depression, and a subsequent suicide attempt following extensive issues with social media trolling. It’s a sad yet timely reminder that depression is a mental illness which should never be treated lightly.

Fashion designer and close friend Alex Perry, who worked along side her on Australia’s Next Top Model spoke to in the wake of the tragedy, stating that “she was such a beautiful girl, she had so much energy and such a sense of humor but her battle with her mental illness just made it so difficult for her to really go in so many parts of her life”.

We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Charlotte, as well as anyone affected by this tragedy.

If this article has bought up any issues for you, you can contact Lifeline on 131 114. Beyond Blue are also a fantastic resource for such matters, and their website can be found here. Remember that you’re never alone in this.



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