15 tweets from Fred Nile we wish were satire.

Given that the rapid-fire nature is one of the most popular things on Twitter, the social media platform often gives rise to many parody accounts (like Tony Abbott, Minister for Women). Such satirical accounts are always great for a laugh. What’s not great for a laugh are the Twitter accounts of those who are being 100% serious with the words they’re sending out to the world via social media.

Now we here at BULLSH!T aren’t big fans of the Christian Democrat Party – but then again, who is? Their leader, and Australia’s perennial pain in the backside Fred Nile has unfortunately discovered the internet in recent years. His Twitter page is one of the most genuinely frightening corners of the internet (and I’ve been places on Reddit no one should ever go). It’s horrifying because this man is an elected official. It’s horrifying because there are people out there who agree with his views. It’s horrifying that someone can be that genuinely deluded about every single aspect of modern society.

Nile has been in the news quite a bit lately. Just last week, he blamed Charlotte Dawson’s suicide on abortion (???!), while recently launching a social media campaign to #TakeBackTheRainbow (?????!????) as well as slamming every single business, big and small, for daring to show their support for this weeks Mardigras festivities. His tweets go back and forth from severely homophobic rants to lambasting “internet trolls” for their hate speech. He even has harsh words for the new digital signage at train stations.

We took the time to put together some of the more bizarre tweets to emerge from #TeamNile in recent months. Get your BULLSH!T goggles ready guys. This is gonna get rough.

Words by HARRISON CARTWRIGHT, who makes much better tweets here. You can also follow BULLSH!T on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date next time Fred Nile does something disgustingly offensive. Probably tomorrow.


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