The most adorable video you’ll watch today.

Going viral today is a YouTube video framed around a very simple premise – 20 strangers (10 couples) who have just met, asked to kiss for the first time on camera. If it sounds a little awkward, that’s because it is – but it also somehow manages to be one of the most endearing insights into the human condition caught on film in a long time. There is no discrimination to the pairings – be it age, race, gender or sexuality. It’s simply combinations of humans thrown together into a social experiment that – after a slightly awkward beginning – produces downright adorable results.

We’ve all been in a situation where alcohol-fueled shenanigans have led to a sneaky pash in a dark nightclub corner with someone whose name’s we’ll struggle to recall the next day. Sometimes they’re entirely forgettable, but sometimes they’re the opposite. If this video is anything, it’s a very clear testament to sparks of chemistry that can be there from the moment you see someone.

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