Possible debris of missing Malaysian aircraft spotted off WA coast

News has broken today with satellite images showing two objects floating in the Southern Indian Ocean, off the coast of Western Australia, which has the possibility to be fragments of the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft, flight MH370. The plane disappeared without a trace 13 days ago, with 239 passengers on board.

The discovery was made earlier today, after the Australian authorities began a sweep of a stretch of ocean 3000kms south-west of Perth. This search area was included in the extended search areas being scoured by 26 countries, which spanned over 7.7million square kilometres – a space larger than the expanse of Australia itself.

Earlier this afternoon, the Australian govenment sent a RAAF Orion plane from the Australian Defence Force to the area, with three more aircraft, from New Zealand and United States, following. The last search aircraft was due to arrive in the area at 8pmAEDT.

PM Tony Abbott and AMSA have stressed that it is unclear whether these objects are actually linked to the missing aircraft.


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