Adorable video of the day: Dogs fetchingly dressed as people

Remember that time something really adorable happened and then it turned out to be a product from fiery marketing hell? Well it’s happened again, but less hellishly.

American Eagle Outfitters seems to have launched its April Fool’s joke a week early with its new pun-laden clothing line – American Beagle Outfitters. Hohoho, we see what they did there! They label chronicled the idea from conception through to store shelves in the, err, dog-umentary below.

Admittedly, the concept of dogs wearing people clothes isn’t new, but American Beagle Outfitters isn’t just a troll-fest. It appears that the company plans on donating human clothing sales proceeds to animal charity ASPCA. See the full line (including outfits called “Doggy Stylin'” and “Paw Yeah” here.

Article by Vincent Varney. Follow him on Twitter.

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