Sexist video of the day: The new Snickers ad

Snickers has launched a new ad that has been doing the rounds for the past few hours, yet it’s far from a viral marketing success. The brand has always been male-oriented but now sports a new, sexist brand identity. Thanks, marketing!

Come on, Snickers? Did you even show this ad to a single woman before you decided to release it? See it below.

Many viewers are up in arms in the comments section below the video – and rightly so – but shockingly, sites such as are loving it. Classic Murdoch Press antics, right? Unfortunately, not only does the ad fuel the views of sexist men, it also soils the name of many decent Australian builders.

Whether the ad will boost sales remains to be seen.

Article by VINCENT VARNEY. Follow him on Twitter.

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What are your thoughts?

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