BULLSH!T Reacts: the How I Met Your Mother finale.

WARNING: SPOILERS (in case you didn’t get that from the title)

Yesterday concluded the end of an era. In the cruel twist of fate that is television, eventually all the shows we learn to use as an unhealthy emotional crutch come to an end. The saddest part is that once they finally conclude, there is no more hope – there is no more filling in how you would like the story to finish. It just does. And all you can do is just sit on your couch and stuff your face with Tim Tams that taste like your own tears and wonder if endings are ever a good thing.


The series finale of How I Met Your Mother sent social media  into a tailspin. Was this ending some sort of sick joke? Ironically, the last episode aired in Australia on April Fools. Not one to shy away from controversy, the BULLSH!T team thought we’d all put in our two cents.

CYNDALL: Realistic endings are disappointing, so the episode did not disappoint
Possibly a controversial opinion, but I loved that the show didn’t conclude in the sappy, happily-ever-after tone of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Ted spends the whole series whinging and trying to plan every step in finding the love of his life. He assumes that when he meets “the one”, that will be it. Ted learnt that happy endings are not necessarily forever. He also learnt that there isn’t just “one” perfect person for someone. Barney was made out to be pathetic and incapable of love – which is probably quite accurate. When you’re in your thirties and consistently displaying such sociopathic behaviour, it’s likely that you’ll have prevented yourself from ever loving properly. Giving him a daughter (with a woman he doesn’t love) was slightly overdue, proving that there is one kind of love that can’t be “playbooked”. The only disappointing part was when Ted left in the middle of the wedding (where he was best man!) to go to Chicago. But when he meets a girl at the train station (who he refused to meet at the wedding) he just changes his whole life plan and shrugs off his friends. Finally, I don’t know why someone thought it would be funny to cut off a piece of fur from a wet dog and glue it to Robin’s head in the last scene, but it sucked.

himym-3-600HARRISON: The characters change. People change. It happens.
It’s been 24 hours and I’m undecided on how I feel about the episode. It became apparent within moments of it beginning that we weren’t going to be in for a stock-standard TV finale. That’s not the way HIMYM ever operated, and in that respect, the ending was true to form. The frequent time leaps, the complex story structure, the principal cast – they were all there. Something just felt missing. If there’s one thing I’ll commend them for it was the way that they showed these characters evolving and changing as we watched the years pass by. It can be all too easy to just send characters riding off into the sunset with one another when a series comes to a close – it makes it easier for audiences to move on. That was never going to be the case here. Life has a tendency to move us all in different directions, and things rarely happen as you might like them to. My main gripe is that the entire final season was spent on a wedding that was undone within the first few minutes of the series finale. It was an unfair move from the powers that be, who strung their viewers along for a ride knowing full well how things would be ending – and given the near-decade old future of the Ted’s children that closed out the hour, it’s clearly been the plan all along. There’s something to be said about the show creators sticking to their guns all this time. There’s also something to be said about toying with a loyal audience to this extent. I think they’ll be having a very rough time getting the spin-off, which is currently being filmed, to be something audiences would want to invest in – especially given the ultimate endgame of this show.

SEAN: Nine years of build-up to that?
I’m mad. I’m very mad. Craig Thomas and Carter Bay’s will go down as the guys who just had to push it one scene to far, and that is my biggest problem with the final, it went to far. If they had ended it at the train station, then I could have forgiven everything that happened with Barney and Robin, the appalling lack of details about Tracy and every other bad writing decision, but no, they just had to push it too far. I will make exceptions for when Barney meets his daughter, and most moments between Ted and Tracy, but all in all, I’m thoroughly disappointed.


I don’t have much tolerance for poor old Ted. His whinging ways and ‘poor me’ attitude quickly turned me off his character, and by the time season 9 rolled around I just couldn’t take it anymore. I tried really hard to like the show in the latter seasons, but the forced unfunny jokes and lack of character growth just got to me in the end. So here’s my confession: I barely watched season 9, and I decided to watch the finale just so I said I could. In all honesty I wasn’t that shocked at the ending,  I was a little thrown off by the fact we’ve waited a stupid amount of time only to find out the real mother seems to meet her untimely end and Ted’s back with that stupid blue horn making pathetic puppy dog eyes at Robin. Yawn.vlcsnap-2014-04-02-10h40m46s139

Regardless of how you felt about the finale, it can’t be denied that HIMYM was one of a kind – there hasn’t been a sitcom like it before, and there probably won’t be for a long time, so from that place, it will certainly be missed. These characters were friends that we let into our lives every week, and the time has come to let them go.

What did you think of the ending? Let us know in the comments below.



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