Awkward: The Simpsons tribute Letterman, the world gushes over old footage.

In the wake of American talk show legend David Letterman announcing his retirement last Thursday, FOX has paid tribute by uploading a Simpsons couch gag featuring a cameo from the Late Show host himself. Both pop-culture news sites and their readers have been quick to praise the impressive turnaround around of the clip, which hit YouTube late last week and has gained heavy attention over the past few hours.

This is really awkward. No one wants to be that guy, but… FOX never claimed the footage was new. In fact, it comes straight from the season 23 Simpsons episode ‘The D’oh-cial Network,’ which aired in 2012. The only difference is the words “We’ll miss you, Dave” attached to the end.

But hey, a funny video is a funny video. Watch it below.

Written by VINCENT VARNEY. Follow him on Twitter.

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