BREAKING: Barry O’Farrell resigns as NSW Premier

After the ICAC investigation surrounding his acceptance of a bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange worth $3000,  Barry O’Farrell has announced he will resign from New South Wales Premier.

A scandal that was rife with corruption, which we will now dub ‘Wineogate’, has been a hot topic of the last week. The wine was given to him to celebrate his Premiership – which we believe he promptly guzzled and hence ‘cannot remember’ hand writing and personally signing a thank-you note which will be presented to the ICAC in the next few days. Claimed as a ‘massive memory fail’, O’Farrell has accepted his fate as the taste of a pristine bottle of vino stained his lips and flushed his cheeks.

The man who was instrumental in rushing through severe anti-alcohol laws has found himself in the firing line thanks to what must have been a VERY good bottle of wine. I think Alanis Morrisette wrote a song about these types of things.

Baz should have just given in and accepted the goon bag that was originally on offer.

We will update this as more information comes to hand.



Words by COURTNEY FRY and HARRISON CARTWRIGHT. You can follow our thoughts on twitter, and give BULLSH!T a like on Facebook.


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