NEWS: Abbott on O’Farrell’s resignation – “an act of integrity”.

Following the news of Barry O’Farrell’s resignation as NSW Premier and Liberal Party Leader after being linked to a corruption scandal, the nation’s leader and benevolent overlord Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described the move as “an act of integrity”.

Speaking in Sydney, Abbott said “We are seeing an act of integrity, an act of honour, the likes of which we have rarely seen in Australian politics.” It’s not too different from Abbott recently calling former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos a man of “great distinction” after being linked to the same scandal. Thanks Tone, for reminding us that shamefully quitting once you’ve run out of excuses to cover your tracks is a feat that deserves applause. Claps all round, guys.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.

Abbott later lashed out the media after journalists probed him over whether or not he trusted the NSW Government, calling the questions “entirely unjustified smear.” He went on to ask for an apology and noted, “we need to have decent standards in this country. We need to have decent standards from the media.” We’ve reached out to News Corp Journalist Andrew Bolt about his thoughts on the idea of decent standards from the media and are awaiting reply.

The real losers here aren’t O’Farrell and Abbott, nor the good people of NSW, who are more than used to putting up with questionable State Governments. No, the real losers are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Will and Kate, and probs that kid that follows them around – who will no longer be greeted upon arrival at Kingsford Smith Airport by O’Farrell.

Trip’s ruined, guys. Go home.

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