HBO knows watching TV with your parents is way too uncomfortable.

It’s a well-known and scientifically recognised fact that the only reason two people ever decide to become parents is to alleviate boredom by inflicting suffering on their young. Case in point – TV viewing. Sometimes you just want to put on Game of Thrones, sit back and watch Theon pleasure his sister in peace, by no, your folks just have to walk in at the wrong time and provide their own audio commentary.

It’s nice to know that HBO, the TV network that helps facilitate these awkward moments with its liberal use erotic material, knows our pain. The company behind GoT, Girls, and Curb Your Enthusiasm has just released seven short and hilarious videos depicting the many ways parents make an already uncomfortable situation even more awkward. Watch a few below:

Public Service Announcement: HBO Go isn’t technically available in Australia, but you can easily buy a subscription and install a location-blocking extension to the Chrome or Firefox internet browsers (similar to how many Australians access Netflix). That said, we at BULLSH!T don’t condone such behaviour. We’re just saying it can be done.

Written by VINCENT VARNEY. Follow him on Twitter.

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